10 Best QWERTY Android Smart Phones of 2011

If you are a crazy texter like me then surely you would like to buy a QWERTY handset because it permits you to type the long messages and emails in seconds. 2011 is a year that brought a lot of QWERTY-powered mobile phones that support to Android operating system. Though many come in the market yet there are some that have a power to bear down others therefore they named as the Best QWERTY Android Mobile Phones of 2011. So have a look on these gadgets:

1. HTC Desire Z:

I love to see this smartphone again and again as it comes with a stylish QWERTY keyboard; not only this but also packs with 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor for making the multitasking experience more enjoyable then before.

A slide-out QWERTY keyboard with four keys make it feasible for the heavy texters to type messages at a lightning speed and become a true social net-worker by taking part into various instant messenger services.

2. Motorola Droid 2 SmartPhone:

Another contender with a stunning Physical QWERTY Keypad is named as Motorola Droid 2. There are larger but soft keys on the keyboard so that you can type as many messages and email as you want without any discomfort. This advanced tech gadgets offers the great multitasking experience to the user as it is powered by a 1.2 GHz processor and 8GB internal memory.

3. Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro SmartPhone:

When an advanced and attractive gadget from the XPERIA series comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard then it is named as Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. It runs on the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform and therefore makes it possible for you to use great user-friendly interface and  do fast speed browsing and web surfing on the device.


 4. Motorola MILESTONE:

It is a smartphone that allows you to be connected with your family and friend even when you are traveling as it has wireless connectivity offer and an easy to use QWERTY keyboard for your help. This slider phone though runs on Android 2.1 platform yet lets you to perform different task such as messaging, searching, browsing at a good speed.


5.Motorola BackFlip Smart Phone:

Another QWERTY phone from the house of Motorola is named as Motorola Backflip as it has keyboard on its back. It support Android 1.5 platform but don’t worry you can upgrade it any time. Another thing which differentiate it from Milestone is its smaller screen. Both devices are cools and dashing in their looks.

6. Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro Mini

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro Mini is a cute but stylish mini handset comes with the most demanded feature of physical QWERTY keyboard and Android OS version 1.6 that can be upgraded to version 2.1. A 2.55 touch-screen of it will let you to feel the real touch while that of QWERTY keyboard make it feasible for you to stay connected with your friends and family member anywhere anytime.

7. Samsung Epic 4G Smart Phone:

Samsung Epic 4G is a QWERTY-powered android phone with the help of which you can boost up your communication level. You are free to compose a number of messages in a matter of seconds by using a comfortable QWERTY keyboard. It is powered by 1GHz Hummingbird processor that amplifies the speed of this gadget. Epic 4G runs on Éclair nevertheless you can upgrade OS whenever you desire.


8. Motorola Flipout

Motorola Flipout is a very famous QWERTY-powered Android handset that has an eye-catching design and Android OS v2.1 (Éclair). There is a great ease is offered by this handset to its users in terms of message typing. You can type the mails and messages quite comfortably when you have this gadget in your hand.

9. Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 Smartphone:

It is another nice looking QWERTY slider of Galaxy Series. What I like most in this slider is its style, design and good battery life. It happens many times that phone’s battery goes down when you send and receive messages frequently but don’t need to worry as it will never happened with Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510. You are free to send and receive messages without worry about battery down signal.

10. Acer beTouch E130:

A Sleek device wiuth candybar form factor and a physical keypad is called as Acer beTouch E130. This is one of most affordable phones available in the market. You can enjoy the features of pushmail support and integrated social networking with Acer widgets in it. Moreover, you are in a position to do communication at the maximum level by composing fast and quick messages.

These are the 10 Best QWERTY-Powered Android mobile phones of 2011 so if you have an interest in messages and want to expand your social network then don’t hesitate any more. Go and buy one for you.

Happy Communication!