10 Million Samsung Galaxy S 3 To Be Sold By July

Samsung is really all set for making some records. According to JK Shin, head communications for Samsung, recently claimed that Samsung Galaxy S3 sales will soar up to 10 million mark by the end of this July.

A few statistics reveal that only and only pre-order sales for Samsung Galaxy S3 accounted for 9 million units before the official handset was even launched.  However, with the ordering still in process and the massive popularity of the handset on the run, we still can not be sure if the claimed 10 million mark will be achieved or will it go over that.

Also, we are not clear about the fact that if that 10 million Samsung Galaxy S3 unit mark includes only sold units or shipped units as well. But, whatever the case may be, its been just a month since Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in different countries and carriers world wide and with just that time frame, Samsung has projected an impressive performance with Galaxy S3.

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