Motorola DROID R2-D2 Special Edition get a price cut at Amazon, New year price is $39.99

Motorola Droid R2-D2 Special Edition is stylish gadget of Motorola that comes with amazing features and facets. The initial price of this handset was $249.99 but with the start of New Year it gets a price cut and now it is available for $39.99.

New Year has brought some exciting news for us and one of which is Price cut of Motorola Droid R2-D2 Special Edition.  The new customer can get this wonderful gadget from the Amazon for just $39.99 with the two year contract. This discount seems substantial when you compared it with Verizon Wireless offering for DROID R2-D2 Special Edition that is around $199.99.

The existing customer will have to pay a bit more at $99.99. This mobile phone will be shipped to the customers free and that is another good thing.

So are you going to enjoy this remarkable deal of Amazon?