Samsung Omnia 8 Phone coming soon, Samsung Omnia 7’s Two new ROMs leaked

Samung Omnia 7 that is a Windows Phone 7 Handset is a stylish gadget of among all WP7 handsets. Now we came to know that two new ROMs named as I8700XENJK1 and I8700BSEJK1 have been leaked for this Omnia 7. Although both ROMs will not add the Copy/Paste functionality in this WP7 gadget yet will bring some performance improvements, according to reports.

You must note that when you are playing with that firmware of Windows Phone 7 which is not released officially by Microsoft or Zune Client then you have to face some substantial risk.

According to MobileTechWorld, they have flashed I8700XENJK1 ROM on Samsung Omnia 7 and after that they felt a major difference in the overall performance of this handset. You will feel the better performance than before in terms of both apps and radio (Cellular and WiFi) wise.

It is rumored that Samsung Omnia 8 with the model number I7850 has been listed by SamFirmware. We don’t get any detail about the specs and features ofOmnia 8 at this moment. You may remembered that Samsung Omnia 7 was caught with the model number I8700 so it is not wrong to say that its successor must contain the higher model number while rumored device has lower number.

MobileTechWorld said that it is possible that I7850 would be a QWERTY powered HTC 7 Pro competitor but nothing is sure at this moment.

Stay tune to know more!

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