6 Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones of 2011

Are you looking for the most sustainable handsets of 2011? If yes, then stop searching anymore as I have a list of 6 Eco-Fridley Mobile phones of this year. Actually, these handsets got their rating based on 2011 Eco Rating scheme of O2. Total score is “Five”, handsets obtains more scores when it has more environment friendly features and support. There are a range of factors on the base of these eco-friendly handsets are selected such as:

  • What impact a device has on the environment?
  • How much a handset helps the user to conserve environment?
  • What is ethical rating of Phone’s manufacture? , etc

Now just start reading this eco-friendly phone list so that you get an idea which phone serves the community in the best manner.



1: Nokia C6-01

This smartphone of Nokia capture the first position because of O2 Eco Rating score: 4.1. This Finland mobile manufactures really put the great effort in bringing the eco-friendly handsets for world’s betterment. The Symbian Smartphone is sustainable due to 100 percent recyclable packaging material.

It is designed in such a way that some of its components could be re-used if desire. Best of all, a 5 star charger of it fulfils the maximum efficiency standards. Why it spot at first? Because it is not only eco-friendly but also user-friendly because of an 8MP snapper and other advanced features.

2. Nokia E7-00

Nokia E7-00 is composed of sustainable components so it got O2 Eco Rating score: 4.1. There is no PVC, brominated and chlorinated compounds and antimony trioxide compounds are utilized in this gadget that’s mean no damage will be resulted on its recycling.

The features and specs of Nokia E7 are quite impressive for the users and its design is the reason behind the rising demand of it. The container of it is made from 60 percent recycled material so need to dispose it.


3. Samsung Galaxy Mini

This Mini handset comes with green signal means it is highly sustainable and achieved O2 Eco Rating score: 4.0 in this regard.  Whenever this mini device takes its last breath you can give it to Samsung for recycling the battery as the company has been trying to pump Environment conservation among its users since 1992.

4. Samsung Galaxy Ace

Another Eco-Friendly phone from the Samsung has got O2 Eco Rating score: 4.0 due to its environment-friendly composition. The battery, phone and packaging of it is reused and whenever you want to recycle it, just approach Samsung because company has joined hands with recycling organizations across Europe for this purpose.

5. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

This handset score 4.0 on O2 Eco Rating scale just because of Sony Ericsson rigorous polices and procedures. Company itself banned some substances that won’t be used in its mobile phone. It sends the sample handsets before launch to the laboratories for testing whether it has restricted material or not. If there is any then it revised the production process for obtaining a perfect eco-friendly gadget.

6. Nokia C7-02

Again we have a Nokia Phone as an eco-friendly handset. This gadget of C series is free of nickel on the product surface.  Symbian software of it will allow you to save your energy by turning on a power save mode and by changing the screen brightness through an ambient light sensor. When your battery gets the full fuel then a message will display” Unplug the charger to save energy”. With the combination of these green features it marked O2 Eco Rating score: 4.o.

Start sharing it so that people can conserve this environment.


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