Acer Windows phone 7 handset is in Process

Acer Windows phone 7 handset will hit the stores in the next year and we predict this after we get the information that the Taiwanese Company is working on  one WP 7 device. We already familiar with various Windows phone 7 handset such as Samsung Focus, HTC HD 7 and HTC 7 surround etc.

Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci when Talk to All Things Digital , he said :

“Smartphones – we want them to become big. Today we are mainly android, but we are also working on Windows Phone 7.”

Although when Microsoft unveiled the list of hardware partner the he didn’t list the Acer yet there is a possibility that it happens afterwards.

Currently we don’t have any other information and detail about the specifications and Price of Acer Windows phone 7 mobile phone as Acer’s CEO hadn’t provide enough info.

Availability of Acer Windows Phone 7 Handset:

It is expected that Acer will launch the Windows Phone 7 Handsets along with Acer unnamed 4.8 inch Android phone.

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