Android 1.6 phones get Google Gesture Search

Android is rapidly gaining popularity both as mobile operating system for cellphone manufacturers and as the platform of choice by mobile phone users and was one of the biggest gainers in market share year over year according to a Gartner report.Recently we covered an announcement by Google Labs of their newly released Gesture Search App however then it was only for devices running Android 2.1 or higher of which few exist but now Google has extended support for this application to Android 1.6 handsets as well which encompasses most Android based handsets in use these days.

With the support of the Open Handset Alliance, it is clear that Android is here to stay and will receive regular updates and improvements over time. Furthermore, being open source means that even individual programmers or coders looking through its source code can submit improvements or additions for approval (as with Mozilla Firefox which made rapidly made it one of the most popular and functional browsers available).

Many smaller firms such as Innocomm and new entrants into the smart-phone market like Huawei are choosing Android as the platform for their handsets partly because it is open source and that means it is free but also because Google Android is in fact one of the better mobile platforms available in the market today.

Part of the reason why Android is so popular is because of the wide array of apps available for users to choose from, more than half of which are free to use including Google Gesture Search. Google Gesture Search made by Google Labs is, as we mentioned earlier, now compatible with Android 1.6.

To download either search for Google Gesture Search in the Android market place or to download or learn more about Google Gesture Search click here and follow the instructions.

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