Android 2.2 For iPhone 3G

There were already news for Apple iPhone getting Android, but now we have reports for iPhone 3G getting Android 2.2 just before the launch of new iPhone 2010.

Although its a good sign for iPhone 3G to get the latest, but what is the point of having all this just before the launch of new 4th Gen iPhone. Many critics are still trying to figure out what could be the possible reason behind this. Some of them were able to conclude that the new iPhone would have several tech back draws as there always have been in the launch of any new gadget, so people would still prefer to sail with their iPhone 3G.

But we question here, why Android 2.2 for iPhone 3G and why not Android 2.2 for iPhone 3G S? well, lots of issues need to be sorted out and lets just wait for the launch of new Apple iPhone.

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