Android 2.2 Froyo Edition will be officially released on Nexus One first

According to the Google I/O conference last month, the surprising Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ is going to be released on Google Nexus one, whether or not the application of this software will be available on other phones will be decided later. But there is news that all other Android phones won’t be kept deprived of it.

The owners, developers and the members of the press have started to use this on their Google Phones and they’ve been able to enjoy with the superb performance of Android 2-2 OS on their Google handsets for a few weeks now. The good news is that the 8 step method for the purpose of manually updating is not needed any more because Aneroid 2.2 has been officially released for on the Google Nexus one for the ease of public.

The Froyo Android 2.2 operating system is very stunning and has much on offer; it supports the Adobe’s latest Flash 10.1 and the best part is that its BBC player runs smoothly on latest flash version. All users who wish to use the new applications of Android 2.2 OS can get it via an air update and will be able to use the BBC player without any ado. So enjoy more with Google Nexus One.

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