Apple’s new iPhone 4 Ads campaign slowly based on FaceTime Video calling service

Cupertino-based Apple has launched a new iPhone 4 advertisement campaign that consists of four short commercials of 30 seconds each and is fully focused on FaceTime video calling services rather than illustrating the new features of iPhone 4. Two of the advertisements are very emotions while the other two are bit funny.

The new ad campaign of Apple is exclusively based on Facetime videp calling services and does not explain anything about Apple iPhone 4 at all, that’s really typical. The commercial just showcase the iPhone with Facetime till the very end, even during the AT&T slide.
It had been a good and interesting commercial for the views if Apple would have shown off some features by describing little bit more than Facetime. Something exciting as the iPad commercial that was release in May and explained almost everything in just 30 minutes.

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