Apple Antenangate Continues, Now Target is Motorola Droid X Death Grip

Apple not stop proving that, “Every smartphone has reception problem if hold in a certain position” as said by Steve jobs i n Apple press conference for this Apple target smartphones of different companies such as Motorola, Blackberry Nokia etc.

And this time it target  the most hottest phone Motorola Droid X. Apple has started testing various smartphones to show  that every smartphone is facing the similar signal loss problem as iPhone 4.

Apple just draw attention to Motorola Droid X video in which it clearly demonstrate that signal problem also results in this smartphone as soon as user touches the most sensitive part of the antenna. It also highlights that how the signal bars drop down due to tight grip by the users.

Before this video Apple put on show  video of Nokia N97 mini as an evidence of antenna dielemma.

In response to Apple new Website’s section, Nokia and Blackberry showed their negative response in the official statements. In these statements smart phone manufacturing companies i.e. Nokia and Blackberry clearly states that there is no signal loss problem is encountered by them at any time and No user complaint about this.

Now we are waiting for Motorola’s reaction against this deed of Apple. We just hope that very soon this Antennagate war will be come to an end!.

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