Apple iPad hits US stores, jailbroken and iPad’s CPU benchmarked

All in a day’s work, though it might be pertinent to mention that each was done by a different party. The big news of course is that Apple‘s long awaited tablet PC has hit stores in the US and as the Apple iPad is set to be available in the US only for the moment, that is where all the eager beavers who wanted to own one went for the big day. In other news, key members of the iPhone Dev Team have already jailbroken the Apple iPad mere hours after it started selling (video below). And last, Anandtech has benchmarked the Apple iPad‘s A4 SoC CPU against the iPhone and Nexus One.

While the Apple iPad has been jailbroken, a stable public release will no doubt take some time (and we will update you when one is available) but as the video below shows, it has been done and according to sources, the hack is a modified version of the “Spirit” jailbreak by comex.

Anandtech benchmarked the Apple iPad‘s processor, the Apple A4 SoC which is built by Samsung and has been clocked at 1 GHz and likely manufactured using a 45 nm process. The comparison was against the Apple iPhone’s Cortex A8 and the Google HTC Nexus One’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processors.

The results showed that the Apple A4 SoC used in the Apple iPad outperformed both the Cortex A8 and the Snapdragon although Anandtech made it clear that the difference was not great. Speculation is that the Apple iPhone 4G will use the A4 SoC and therefore it may be expected to perform better than the current-gen iPhone but without true multitasking it remains unclear what a faster processor would accomplish.

As for the Apple iPad itself, reactions have been mixed with many saying that a locked Apple iPad has limited capabilities, does not synchronize easily with computers and phones and does not have much to recommend it and equally as many proclaiming it to be a huge hit amongst early adopters and Mac fans.

Additionally, it needs to be mentioned that the first models of the Apple iPad will not feature 3G but they do have Wi-Fi. Apple iPad models with Wi-Fi and 3G are expected in late April according to Apple and so it might be worth waiting before forking out at least $499 (starting price) on something that might soon be superseded.

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