Apple iPhone 4 will hit the China market soon

Apple iPhone 4 will hit the Chinese market soon. You may remember that the Chinese were eager to get the iPhone 3GS model in their country but their desire wasn’t fulfilled. But now Apple  has finally decided that to release the iPhone 4 in the China and it is really a Good news for the fans of it.
It is rumored that on September 25 phone 4  will be first time launched in China and then the fans of it will get a chance to touch it. However, at launch it will be available in the limited stores such as at the Hong Kong Plaza store in Shanghai, the new Apple Store Xidan Joy City in Beijing and at China Unicom stores.

A clarification is given by the Apple in a statement that one who buy the Apple iPhone 4 from the Apple retail store, exclusively for him the Personal Setup service will be totally free. Moreover he will be able to  participate in special workshops throughout the day  and this workshop will enhance his/her  iPhone 4 understanding .

Now we came to the price tags, for the 16GB model it  is CNY4,999 (Rs. 34,000 approx.) whereas for  the 32GB version , it would be priced at CNY5,999 (Rs. 40,000 approx.). All prices are without a contract.

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