Apple iPhone 4g with 5 MP Camera

Arrival of the tech Google android and Motorola’s droid has been the hottest news of the year, eyes are fixed on the Apple’s iPhone now; Apple, known for its competitive policy is expected to bring the Apple iPhone 4g. This iPhone is a high tech gadget based on the new tech and is predictable to give a tough time to the google and Motorola.

Apple iPhone 4g is anticipated to be unveiled to the world in the summer 2010, most probably at the WWDC 2010 conference in the month of June.

According to the reports, the Apple iPhone 4g will have a 5 mega pixel camera as Apple has ordered the Omnivision for a huge number of CMOS image sensors. The camera will be able to capture very high resolution of 1080p HD at 30 fps. Apple iPhone 4g with 5 mp camera will have a large screen supporting very high resolution picture. Apple iPhone 4g will have OS 4.0, one of the most advance OS in the OS world.

Another major improvement probable in the Apple iPhone 4g is the improvement in the battery of the set to increase the usage time, there are also rumors that Apple may use integrated RFID chips in the new 4g iPhone to provide function of digital wallet.

There is however no change estimated in the Apple’s ban on the Adobe Flash player, this ban is having a very negative effect on the Internet surfers over the iPhone. But according to some sources Apple may review this ban.

Apple iPhone 4g may have the Wifi 802.11n support to compete with the google Nexus one. The introduction of Wifi will not only help in competing with other companies but will also provide an ease to the users in getting the instant connectivity.

Having a 5 mega pixel camera, big screen with a high resolution picture and Wifi support the Apple iPhone 4g is predictable to be sold in a very huge quantity and leave the other competing companies behind.

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  1. Apple iPhone 4g is very delicate touch phone, it has 5 mega pixel camera and will have a large screen supporting very high resolution picture. one of my fried told me about this iphone, and it seems very good. I defenaitly buy this.

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