Apple iPhone 4G HD cellphone photos leaked, details revealed

Well it seems the Apple iPhone 4G or HD has been around for quite some time now without people quite realizing it. When the first iPad pictures were leaked, another device was also in the pictures but was ignored as the debate raged hotly regarding whether or not the iPad pictures were real or fake. In all the hullabaloo people ignored the other device and so it remained till recently when Apple iPhone 4G pictures were leaked. Now people are putting two and two together and verifying each through the other.

Apparently one fine day, an Apple software engineer accidentally forgot the prototype Apple iPhone 4G in his pocket after leaving a bar. Someone else found it and posted it all over the web, then passed it on to Gizmodo to verify which they do in a very detailed manner.

So what’s new and what’s changed in the Apple iPhone 4G? Well for starters, the Apple iPhone 4G (and we like this name and it will probably stick because even if it does not have 4G capability for wireless data transfer, it still is the fourth generation iPhone) has a front facing video camera for voice calls, which confirms the video calls for iPhone OS 4.0 leak we covered earlier.

The iPhone 4G also features an improved regular camera at the back with flash, micro-SIM (like the iPad) instead of the standard SIM used in all phones, improved display, possibly features noise cancellation, split buttons for volume control and the power, mute and volume buttons are now all metallic.

So despite not being able to confirm whether this will iPhone 4G is a good likeness for what the final production model, we can say that we now have a good idea what it looks like. And in our opinion, the Apple iPhone 4G is headed the right way.

Hopefully, Apple will release some official details soon and provide solace to all the Apple fans pining for a hint of what is yet to come, the Apple iPhone 4G.

You can take a look at the prototype iPhone 4G in a video by Gizmodo by clicking here.

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