Apple iPhone OS, now with true multi-tasking?

If there is one thing that the Apple iPhone lacks, it is true multi-tasking, sure Steve Jobs has been saying that you “can” multi-task on the iPhone but everyone agrees that it is not truly multi-tasking. Other mobile operating systems, particularly the Android OS which does have multi-tasking have often made this point to indicate their superiority over the iPhone OS. Now however, it seems that the new iPhone OS, iPhone 4.0, will enable true multi-tasking capabilities on the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone OS is actually capable of multi-tasking and certain applications bundled along with the Apple iPhone such as the voice recorder, Nike+ and other bundled apps are capable of running in the background while users open up a new application.

The problem however lies with third party applications which are artificially restricted by the Apple iPhone OS to prevent security breaches and also in part to conserve memory resources and power.

Now however, the Apple iPhone OS seems fairly likely to receive true multi-tasking capabilities with the (hopefully) soon to be launched Apple iPhone 4.0 mobile operating system.

While we hope that the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS will be available as an update for the older models of the Apple iPhone there is some slight possibility that as it is set to be launched with the Apple iPhone 4G, it might be limited to it.

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  1. I believe this one feature should be from the first version.. Though I hope its not a rumor..