Apple Target Nokia N 97 Mini smartphone to Prove Reception Dilemma

In order to defend the reception problem of iPhone  , Apple used different means such as press conference , addition of new section etc. At present Apple highlight the Reception issue of Nokia N97 Mini with the mean of a video that demonstrates how a tight grip become a cause of signal loss of handset .Apple employ this video as an evidence to prove that  antenna issue is  not only faced by Apple but also by some other smart phone manufacturing companies too.

In last Friday press conference Apple failed to prove the signal loss problem of Nokia handset, may be the cause behind this failure was low share of Nokia in US smartphone market. We also know about the Nokia and Samsung Response against new section of Apple’s website last weekend. Now Apple again hit the Nokia smartphone and its target is Nokia N97 Mini.

In the video it is revealed that the signal of S60 based smartphone move down when you covers antenna with hand. This tight grip drops the bars from7 to only 2. But this video not show whether this signal loss become a cause of drop call or not? As happens with iPhone 4 as signal drops?

At this time Apple confirms the signal loss problem in Nokia so we can expect that the next target will be Motorola or HTC or RIM.

So just wait and watch!

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