Apple To Announce iOS 6

If you ever need to get new updates for Apple, Worldwide Developers Conference is the place to be it. Starting today, Apple is all set and eager to announce the world’s most advanced operation system iOS 6.

In recent years, this one platform of Worldwide developers conference has been a witness to several new iPhone, iPod and iOS versions. This year, expectations are high for iOS 6. Its good though that we will be getting some major releases, including some major updates in the Macbook series as well.

This could be in the form of discontinuation of or refreshed form of Pro series, leaving the Air as the only flagship in the Macbook line up. Also, expectations are high regarding the debut of the final version of the Mac OS Mountain Lion.

However, all of these are expectations and mere rumors, what actually will come up, will be decided at the Moscone West Convention Center showdown today.

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