ASUS E600, a Windows Phone 7 caught at At FCC With NAND and microSD Slot

ASUS E600 is the latest Windows phone 7 the picture of which is revealed and we also get some of its videos on the internet. This device’s pictures are first leaked in Pakistan and then rolled out on the internet.

Today we came to know about ASUS E600 from the FCC filling. The handset looks quite fabulous from its first look.  Its is almost 122mm in height and 60mm in width.

Some Specs of ASUS E600:

  • It is designed with a  stylish 3.9 – 4-inch-ish display
  • 5 MP auto-focus snapper also available with other WP7 handsets like HTC 7 Trophy, HTC HD7 , Samsung Focus , Dell Venue Pro etc
  • A 1300mAh battery
  • A Hynix e-NAND memory chip
  • A microSD card slot

The chip and micro SD slot card is revealed after the tear down of ASUS device. A Hynix e-NAND memory chip is a technical combination of NAND Flash and the Flash Controller with MMC interface, in a single package.

We don’t know anything about the Availability and price of ASUS E600 but we will inform you soon so stay Tuned!