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motorola droid razr

Motorola Droid RAZR – World’s Thinnest Smart Phone

Motorola released its brand new cell phone, the Droid RAZR, on the 18th of October, claiming that its phone is the “impossibly thin” smart phone that will conquer the market. With its core made of stainless steel, a screen of solid Gorilla glass, and a Splash guard that protects the internal components inside the phone, […]

apple iphone 4s

iPhone Lures Disenchanted Users

iPhone has already proven to be the best selling phone in history, but it looks to obtain an even larger share of the smart phone market as a result of the poor performance of many of their competitors’ smart phones. Almost 25% of the people who visited Apple stores around the world stated that they […]

Nokia N9

How Good is the Nokia N9?

Nokia phones were once chunky, weighty devices that were unwieldy at the best of times. The Nokia N9 phone, however, is a sleek, lightweight smartphone that, by its appearance, promises to be one of the best mobile phones released in 2011. But what does the Nokia N9 offer, and does the hardware and functionality match […]

Samsung Gravity TXT

Samsung Gravity TXT – Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

The Samsung Gravity TXT is a simple device that is great for those who like texting, and the feature set of the device is functional to the extreme. The quality of the calls is adequate, but a downside that many people find to the device is the fact that the keys are stiff. The spacing […]

Nokia Astound

Nokia Astound – Astounding the World With Premium Phones

The affordable price tag hanging off the sleek Nokia Astound is guaranteed to make this phone an instant seller, and the 8 MP camera only adds to the pleasure of the device. The quality of photo and video both are excellent for a mid-range smart phone, and the high quality calls ensure that making calls […]

LG Marquee – Taking the World of Smart Phones By Storm

LG Marquee – Taking the World of Smart Phones By Storm

Those who prefer the Android OS will find that the LG Marquee offers them all of the functionality they are looking for in a smartphone, but in the body of a racecar. The ultra-light and svelte design of the Marquee is only matched by the bright Nova display. Android Gingerbread 2.3 is the operating system […]

Apple iPhone 4s

iPhone 4S Hits the Market: Whats new?

The new iPhone 4S has just been unveiled, and many people are waiting with high expectations as Apple promises to release the brand new iPhone on the 14th of October. As the 3GS was to the 3G, so the Apple iPhone 4S is to the iPhone 4. Replete with a host of upgrades and improvements, […]