Bing search for Motorola Android Phones in China and Motorola i1 update

After Google threatened to pull out of China, Motorola started to search (yes, weak but glorious pun) out a new partner to provide search and maps on their Android devices sold in China. The result, though slightly unexpected, can perhaps be labeled the logical step as Microsoft’s Bing search is the second largest search engine after Google and is also set to power Yahoo search in the future. The Motorola i1 is a so far unannounced cellphone that works on the iDEN network, more on this below.

Developed by Motorola, iDEN is mobile telecommunications technology that combines the benefits of GSM technology as well as trunked radio and also has PTT or PTC (Push to Talk over Cellular) capability. The Motorola i1 (initially called the Motorola Opus 1) will work on iDEN and the latest speculation suggests that instead of the earlier reports suggesting that the Motorola i1 has a 3 MP camera, it shall instead have a 5 MP camera.

Other known features for the Motorola i1 include a 3.1″ touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. An accelerometer, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth and a proximity sensor should also feature in the Motorola i1.
Incidentally the Motorola i1 is expected to use the Motorola Blur UI which is rated pretty well and should come packed with Opera Mini.

Also, as we mentioned at the beginning, it seems Motorola has partnered with Microsoft to provide Microsoft Bing Search and Maps on its Android devices being sold in China. Which when one thinks about it is perhaps the only sensible course that was left open to Motorola when Google threatened to pull out its services from China.

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