BlackBerry Bold 9700 Mobile Phone Review

Black berry Bold 9700 is a new advancement and addition in the Blackberry platform. It is a good looking and stylish set that can be used for office purposes. Black berry 9700 is has almost 109 mm length, 60 mm width and 14.1 height, and has a weight of 122 gram, though its not very small in size and not very light in weight but due to the features it carry it is liked by many people.

The Blackberry Bold 9700 has 256MB internal memory built in, and it can support up to 32 GB of memory card which is enough to carry important data of an individual. The battery of Black berry Bold 9700 is a 1500 mAhr, rechargeable like all other cell phone and providing standby time of 19 days and talk time of up to 6 hours in GSM, while 15 days standby and 5 hours talk time in UMTS. Due to its standby time many traveling people choose it.

Black berry bold has a powerful camera of 3.2 Mega Pixel 3.2 MP with auto focus feature and image stabilization quality. The camera is also equipped with a flash light and has a 2X digital zoom. Hence provides a great picture and video quality.The set has a very good quality display having resolution of 480×360 pixels with transmissive TFT LCD. The display of Black Berry 9700 can support up to 65k colors. The size of screen is 2.44” which is quite large in comparison to other cell phone.

Black Berry 9700 has a built in GPS system called as A-GPS system that provides the real time GPS services. The Black berry 9700 has a Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity options which not only make an ease in the connectivity but it also allow the use of bluetooth headphone, hands free but also Bluetooth SIM access profile. There is also Wifi available in the phone to allow you to connect to the internet easily. Having all these features the Black Berry Bold 9700 is a best choice for the business and high level cell phone users.

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  1. Black berry Bold 9700 is a new achievement on blackberry platform, Black berry 9700 is has almost 109 mm length, 60 mm width and 14.1 height, and has a weight of 122 gram, it has 3.2 mega pixel camera. It also has many features which every 1 like in this set.

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