BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio videos have hit the web

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellegio is a latest variant of Bold handset. If you are a fan of BlackBerry Bold gadget then surely you would like to buy this device which has just hit the web along with its exciting video. This variant of Bold was first leaked in late May. At that time we came to know that Bold 9790 will be featured with BlackBerry OS 7 platform and same OS is supported by BlackBerry Bold 9900.


The device will not only support the new handset but also let its users to enjoy the great functionalities of attractive touchscreen. It offers great opportunity to its users in the form of 8GB storage space that’s mean you are able to store as much videos and song as you want. No need to worry about low memory signs. Another feature that will be of great interest for you is the integration with NFC technology and similar technology is on hand in BlackBerry Monaco.


Now, BlackBerry Bellagio has reappeared in some official tutorials videos that cleary shed lights on a comfortable user interface of device. Two other videos, demonstrating the exterior profile and internal hardware of gadget, are also available  on the web.


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