Buy Samsung Galaxy S 3 in Dubai

The new Samsung Galaxy S 3 was found in the mobile markets of Dubai a week earlier than it was expected to arrive. It was much of a surprise to us that the demand ‘pull’ for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is much than what was expected.

Although no reported official marketing campaign was executed for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3, but it was a co-incident that a customer was passing by a shop in a mall and saw a notice of the availability of the new Samsung Galaxy S3, and that the stock was available.

As for now, the news about availability of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 spread so rapidly, that the shops have went out of stock. But they do confirm that more stock is on its way and will be available in the next week. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S3 initially was available only in marble white color and not in pebble blue.

Currently the phone is priced at 2500 AED which approximately account for $680. Also, there is no confirmation as to what internal memory storage capacity the phone is available for.

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