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Top Three Android Smartphones of 2012

After developing several, not so different phones last year, in 2012, HTC finally released a series of remarkable gadgets.. The One Series, and especially One X proves that HTC can once again hold its ground on the Android Market. The HTC One X smartphone is an excellent product which meets almost all the requirements of a professional and capable android phone. Although it has some weaknesses, the overall performance is outstanding. Firstly, like the Nokia Lumia 800, the HTC One X demonstrates that a beautiful phone doesn’t necessarily need metal and glass. Its polycarbonate casing and curved surfaces are very pleasant, especially the model in white, which is arguably the most beautiful smarphone ever created.


The front part of the phone is equipped with a 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Although it is quite large, the phone is compact and well put together, and because the battery is fully integrated, it is slimmer and more resistant. The 8MP camera in particular was very appreciated by users because it is capable of taking good quality photos. Although it doesn’t have Super AMOLED technology, the HTC display is one of the best on the market. The visibility angles, the contrasts and the warm colors can record and render 720p videos without blemish.

Sound is also a plus for the HTC One X especially because the phone has an integrated sound equalizer called beats. Another notable aspect is the Tegra 3 platform which has the power to instantly decode any type of multimedia material and offers advanced support for 3D games. All in all HTC has made a great leap in the multimedia field. It is superior to its predecessor, the Sensation XL in all regards, and can easily compete with the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone at the moment.


Sony Erricson has recently become Sony, and this has fueled a new direction in the conception of smartphones. The latest product from Sony is the Sony Xperia S. From the first glance you can see that the phone has a unique and very pleasant appearance, especially due to the transparent bar at the lower part of the screen. It doesn’t take a lot of interaction with the phone to realize that the display has excellent quality. By using the BRAVIA technology, Sony has managed to create a powerful opponent for the other android phones. However nice looks and a neat display are not enough to make a good smartphone.



The 4,3 inch display ( 128 x 64 x 10.66 mm ) creates a much smaller phone if compared to the X10 for example. The back has a matte plastic cover, which creates excellent adhesion, and because of its reduced size, it fits perfectly in the hand. It is also very beautiful, especially in white, and the screen is very well embedded in the casing. A truly remarkable feature of the phone, is the 1280×720 resolution display which ensure a 342 pixel per inch density. It is a real pleasure to use this phone, even in powerful sunlight.

The 12 MP put in a smartphone don’t sound so unrealistic if we are thinking of Sony. But its not the megapixels which give this camera the cutting edge, but rather the speed, reaction and focalization features, which make the Sony Xperia S the perfect phone for people who need to take photos…fast. Some say that this camera is even better than the iPhone 4 camera.

In terms of software, Sony has created an exclusive phone which works with Android 2.3 and preinstalled widgets and apps. The Weather, mail, audio player and power management apps for example are very useful. The phone also has LiveWare manager, an extremely intelligent application which responds to audio jacks, and USBs and for which it can create a predefined setting.

Sony Xperia S is equipped with a quad-core Qualcomm MSM8260 processor, and it runs on 1,5 GHZ, but it is still fast ( surprised ?). In conclusion the smartphone is good looking, pleasant and interactive. The only drawback to it its the autonomy. The battery is not very powerful, and you might found yourself helpless when you need your phone the ost.

The Korean company, uses a successful recipe for the second version of the Galaxy S: an excellent super AMOLED screen, a powerful battery, dual-core CPU and an elegant and light plastic casing. The new smarpthone by Samsung is part of the elite android operated smartphones, and its best feature is the long life battery. The first impression when using this phone is that the screen is very large ( 4,3 inches ). At the time of its release, it was the thinnest smartphone on the market.


In the upper part of the phone we have the 8 Megapixel camera with illumination sensor and a LED flash which can record HD 1080 videos with 30 frames per second. The phone is also equipped with a front camera, perfect for video calls and photos with a 640×480 resolution ( VGA ).In terms of sound the Galaxy S II uses software from the international company YAMAHA. However the customers were not impressed with the sound quality, especially after comparing it to its predecessor, the Galaxy S which uses an audio powered by the Wolfson company.

The user interface is TouchWiz 4.0, which follows the same principles as the TouchWix 3.0, but it is better in terms of speed. Also, there is a new type of interaction based on gestures which allows the user to feel the phone better. There are many neat apps installed, or which can be easily installed on the phone for a better experience. This product was very well received on the market, and only a short time after its release, over 6 million phones were sold worldwide. At present it is one of the most popular smartphones on the market.

Top 5 Smartphones For Video

Nowadays, we all love to watch latest videos and movies on our smartphone. The trend of watching videos on TV is moving down. The reason is that watching video on a smartphone is a nice and comfortable experience. Though many smartphones are offering you a chance to watch the videos yet there are few which let you to enjoy a vivid and clear video experience. My intention is to shed light on top 5 smartphones which are regarded best for the videos. In another words, watching videos on such smartphone would always be a fun for you. Before I start explaining such smartphones, I would like to clear one thing first. Apple iPhone is not included in the list as the display of this handset is not very robust for video purpose. It’s time to peep into 5 best smartphones for video.

Top 5 Budget Friendly Android Smartphones

Today, when you peep into market you are able to find a wide variety of smartphones. It becomes quite difficult for you to find one that matches to your limited budget. Therefore, it’s me who bring quick details of 5 budget android smartphones. I’m sure that your android smartphone selection process will become very comfy after this article. So, it’s time to have a look and to explore more about budget friendly smartphones.

Android 4.0.4 Facing Network Issues on Galaxy Nexus

The much awaited update of Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy Nexus smart phone has proved to be a bad cookie for the users. As last week when the update for Galaxy Nexus rolled out, the Android 4.0.4 OS had some network issues when the phone was put to sleep mode.