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Should you get a smartphone?

Mobile phones have revolutionised the way we communicate and interact with one another. They have dramatically transformed our lives. However, they are forever changing and it can be hard to keep up with the latest handset and technology trends.

Smartphones are now a must have gadget and the essential pocket device which gives users the chance to shop, browse, surf, connect, email and share things online. If you are considering a switch from an old handset to one of the latest smartphone devices, it could be well worth doing.

Smart Phone

Benefits of a smartphone

There are a number of benefits to having a smartphone, which you might have considered beforehand. You have the option to take better photos for a start with a high megapixel camera; share this image with friends either through messages or online. You can also stream music, films, TV shows and online video audio books, podcasts, radio stations as well as download them.

A smartphone gives you access to app stores which allow for a range of different ways to use your phone. These include keeping track of your running distances to reading the latest fiction novel.


High-tech mobile phones can cost hundreds of pounds if you buy them outright.  However, if you don’t have a few hundred pounds spare, you could still own the latest handset by taking out a contract with a mobile phone provider.

For example, you could take out a 24-month tariff and pay a monthly fee which would include costs towards the handset.

Top 5 Popular Smartphones of Christmas 2012

Christmas is coming soon and we all have some plans in mind when it comes to select a smartphone. However, there are some people who don’t know which smartphone to pick as there are a number of high-end devices which has been added in mobile space. There is no need to suspend in the air as I’m going to shed light on five popular smartphones which are present in almost every next tech guy ’s Christmas wish list.

Number 5: Sony Xperia T ($555)

As you know Sony has brought into light Xperia T which can be heralded as the best camera phone. This latest handset designs with excellent features such as 15 GHz Dual core processor, 13 MP snapper, Mobile Bravia Engine, 1850 mAh battery, and android 4.0.4 OS. Best of all, it is equipped with a large 4.55 inch display that has nice pixels and graphics. This installment of xperia series will definitely allow the users to enjoy brilliant display and eye-catching video/images.

Xperia T back

Number 4: Motorola Droid Razr HD ( $659.99)

This latest smartphone of Droid series has become popular due to its 4.7 inch AMOLED HD touchscreen that makes everything clear and vivid. There is 8MP snapper with the help of which a user can capture nice images and also can shoot HD quality videos. After getting these media files, you will never find it hard to share them through fast 4G LTE connectivity. NFC allows the user to avail mobile payment facility. Other remarkable features are Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and 2530 mAh battery.

droid razr HD

Number 3: Nokia Lumia 920 ( $600 )

Nokia Windows cell phone has captured the attention of a lot of tech lovers toward this brand. Many users are interested in buying latest Nokia Lumia 920 and the simple reason of this high demand is fabulous color scheme and exciting features of this window device. This newest smart phone of Lumia series is features with 4.5-inch IPS touch screen with PureMotion HD display, 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Krait, 2000 mAh battery , windows 8 applications, Nokia apps, wireless charging, etc. I really like its 8 MP snapper which allows you to get clear picture with the mean of Carl Zeiss optics and PureView technology.

Lumia 920 color

Number 2: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ( $700)

After the huge success of Galaxy Note, Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that is combined with a lot of  high-end features. First of all, it brings 5.5 HD touch screen which gets power from 1.6 GHz quad core processor and complete its operation via Android Jelly Bean OS. Other features which make it better than all available latest smartphones are enormous battery, LTE capability, blazing speed, 8 MP camera and S-pen functionality.

galaxy note 2

Number 1: iPhone 5 ($849)

The user of iOS never like to try any other smart phone and therefore, they will like to purchase iPhone 5 this year. This smartphone is combined with 8 Mp snapper, 4 inch retina display, Apple Maps, Apple latest iOS 6, etc. It’s a very light and thin device from Apple house, however, you find it 9 mm longer than its predecessor. This smartphone offers blazing speed of communication, downloading and uploading. It would certainly a fun to use this gadget on the move.

iPhone 5

I’m sure that this list of popular smartphones of 2012 will make selection of Christmas’ phone quite simple for you. If you have any other smartphone in the wish-list, feel free to share with our readers.

Top 5 Best Smartphone Series

A tech guy when looks into the market, he is able to find a wide variety of smartphones of different brands. Every next month brings a new cell phone so selection of best gadget becomes somehow difficult for new buyers. Therefore, it’s me who will make this selection quite simple. I’m going to shed light on five best smartphone series. Picking a phone from any of these series means you have selected the best or simply better smartphone

5. LG Optimus Series

No doubt, LG Electronics is dedicated to provide best electronic items to its customers. Though this company offers wide range of low-end and mid-end devices but its Optimus Series is quite popular. The series started with Optimus One and till then there is no end since customers are quite satisfied from the connectivity, call quality, and performance of it. Every new smartphone of this series has improved features. When you peep into this series, you will find not only budget friendly phone but also those which are regarded high-end. From 3 MP camera to HD snapper, from TFT display to 3D screen, it has almost everything you want.

lg optimus series

  • LG Optimus L7
  • LG Optimus 3D
  • LG Optimus G

4. Sony Ericsson Xperia Series

Another series which is considered best one is Xperia. Sony is famous for its high quality gadgets. Good thing is that it brings not only gaming device but also high-end phones. In this series, you are able to find music-oriented phones which add non-stop fun into your life. If you are concerned about speed and processing, this series will offer you a smartphone that has dual core processor under the hood.

sony xperia play

Best smartphones of Xperia series

  • Sony Xperia NEO V
  • Sony Xperia Play
  • Sony Xperia S

3. Nokia Lumia Series

I really like Nokia Lumia 900 as this windows phone has everything which a tech lover wants. It is featured with high quality camera and display. Other smartphones of this series are also designed in the perfect manner. You can find both affordable and expensive gadgets in this series. Windows Phone OS makes this series quite special. You can enjoy both Nokia and Microsoft features side by side. User can explore OVI store after getting a smartphone from this series.

nokia lumia series

Best Phone of Lumia Series

  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Nokia Lumia 900
  • Nokia Lumia 600

2. HTC Desire Series

For fulfilling the desire of every Tech guy, HTC comes with high class Desire series. This company offers high definition smartphones just to make it possible for the users to enjoy the real technology all the time. One can fly through web pages when he has a smartphone from HTC Desire Series as browser works fast because of best-in-class processor. Multi-tasking is the main feature which every person likes and thanks to this series, one can perform this task in the effective and accurate manner.

htc desire series

Best Smartphone of Desire Series

  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire Z

1.Apple iPhone Series

When it comes to best of best smartphones, it’s Apple iPhone that delights you in the perfect manner. Lastest iPhone 5 has high quality sound, display and camera. Facetime video calling experience is quite enjoyable for every user of this smartphone. Best of all, there is App Store which brings a lot of applications for user’s convenience. After getting one gadget of this series, you are able to not only use the best interface but also you will feel proud. Many people think that this smartphone is also a status symbol and therefore, every status conscious person give it a due preference.

apple iphone series

Best Smartphones of iPhone Series


At the end, I must say that you can randomly pick a smartphone from any of these series and you will never feel any issue.

Lamborghini Luxury Phones And Tablets For Russia

The Russians have it! Recently Lamborghini announced luxury phones and tablets for the Russian market. Recently, Lamborghini decided to step into the luxury phone market by launching a unique range of cell phones and tablet.

The new motors app for Iphone

Car searching just got a whole lot easier thanks to the new iphone and itouch app created by online car advertisers You can now search for second hand cars for sale from from your mobile and on the move.

Launched in 2007, is part of a wider network visited by over 3.3million car buyers every month, becoming the UK’s 2nd largest motor advertising network in its first 3 years. It has signed major partnerships such as The Daily Mail online,, The Independent and more. And with 150,000 used cars and 15,500 new cars for perusal, you can see why the site would be in such high demand.

The new motors app for Iphone

Due to its deserved success,, having already mastered the .com business, they are expanding their communications and accessibility buy joining the social media marketing race.  Well up to date with Facebook and Twitter accounts, have found a gap in the market and created a much anticipated iphone and itouch application.

This application is easy to download, user-friendly and will enable the user to access the many cars that have in their database at the touch of an iphone screen.

The new motors app for Iphone

Whether it is a used or new car that you are looking for, being sold by car retailers or private sellers across the UK, this app will allow you to browse though a list of cars that suit your needs.
You will be asked to complete answers as to your requirements and a list of ten cars at a time will appear on your screen for you to browse through. You will be offered the choice of short-listing any cars that you want to add to your ‘maybe’ list and the app will act as the link between buyer and dealer.

The main advantage to using an app over a website is its accessibility. There is no need to have to physically sit in front of your computer making notes from different websites; you might be taking a walk or waiting for a bus and while you’re there you might find 5 cars that you want to view, it’s as easy as that.

The Professional Benefits of Social Networking from Your Smartphone

Social networks aren’t just for teenagers anymore. What started out as a fad for high school and college kids has grown into a way for businesses to communicate with their consumers and clients. Social media can serve as a form of marketing, customer service, and free PR. Accessing social networking sites from a smartphone, like your BlackBerry or iPhone, lets you stay in touch with your audience from just about anywhere.These Smartphones easily allow you to visit mobile sites and not only

In order to create a reliable social media relationship with your clients, it’s important to update a social networking site – like your company’s Facebook page – around 2 to 5 times per day (or more, especially if you’re an internet or tech-based company). This might include adding status updates, uploading new photos, or responding to feedback that others’ have left on your site. Postings should also be staggered, so that the company is not posting only in the morning hours, or only in the evening. Posting at one time of day rather than over the course of the day will almost definitely lead to some clients missing all of your posts because they don’t log on at the same time you do.

Given the travel demands of many professionals, which takes you away from a computer for hours at a time, social networking the right way from only a computer will probably be a challenge – or will require a staff. In some cases, it just flat out won’t be possible. Fortunately, social networking apps and mobile Internet access can save the day. With a smartphone like a BlackBerry, you can log on and stay on top of your social media communication from the airport, your lunch meeting, or anywhere you can get cell service and a data connection.

In the midst of a busy schedule, it may also be difficult to remember when you were supposed to update your business’s Facebook page or other social network. Setting an alarm on your smartphone makes it easy to maintain your schedule. When the alert goes off on your phone, just open your social media application or log on to the site using your device’s Internet browser and update the page.

Social media has many professional benefits, but just because you can update your social networks from anytime with a smartphone doesn’t mean you should. If you are angry, for instance, you should take a few minutes (or hours) to cool down before you publicly post something you’ll regret. For more information on how to conduct yourself professionally on both your personal and business social media sites, check out this article from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Should children have mobile phones?

There will come a point in every parent’s life when the inevitable question will pop out of their child’s mouth, “can I have a mobile phone please?” In the current age of technology, this is bound to be sooner rather than later – children of younger and younger ages are getting mobile phones from their parents. However, it’s not a cheap SIM free mobile phone your child will be after. No, they’ll want the latest iPhone to hit the shelves or the app-tastic SIM free HD HTC Desire so they can show off to their friends. After all, you’re not cool unless you’ve completed all of the Angry Birds games.

But it’s not just the addiction to games that’s off-putting for parents of smart-phone-wanting-children. The internet is a dangerous weapon when in the hands of a child – especially after you’ve gone through all the trouble of child-proofing your home PC. Why would you want to ruin all your firewalling by handing your eight-year old a gateway into the uncensored and uncontrollable?

There is also a danger of children becoming absorbed in real-time social media updates, gaming and constantly texting their friends – and although the sole purpose of getting your child a mobile phone is for better communication, it is likely that their communication with you will be greatly reduced.

However, being able to let your child go and see their friends without worrying so much is a luxury that can only be found in mobile phones. You’ll be able to check up on them whenever you want, they can let you know when they want picking up, and you’ll be able to find out any changes in their plans without having to sneakily flick through their diary…

We can’t promise they’ll tell you everything though, you remember sneaking off to the park without telling your parents when you were a kid, right?

Keeping your child safe with a mobile phone

Of course, the day will come when you decide to hand over your child’s first piece of responsibility – to keep them safe, here are five quick tips to keep in mind.

  •  Make sure your child keeps their phone out of site – having it sticking out of a back pocket or dangling from a belt will only make them an easier target
  • Be aware that WiFi enabled Smartphones can, and will, get around any firewalls you’ve set up on your desktop computer. Have a talk with your child about netiquette if you’re entrusting them with the internet in their hands.
  • Discuss social media with your child before giving them a Smartphone – the risks of their own reputation as well as letting the world in on where they are.
  • Make the time to familiarise yourself with the website, and teach your child that it’s OK to report inappropriate behaviour whilst surfing the web on their phones.
  • Register the phone for a minor, that way, access to explicit sites will be limited – if you buy the phone straight from the shop, this will happen automatically, however if it is passed down from a family member it’s worth enduring being on hold for half an hour to put these restrictions in place.

Android 4.0.4 Facing Network Issues on Galaxy Nexus

The much awaited update of Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy Nexus smart phone has proved to be a bad cookie for the users. As last week when the update for Galaxy Nexus rolled out, the Android 4.0.4 OS had some network issues when the phone was put to sleep mode.

5 Fastest Smartphones

A speed race has popped up over the last few years as the smartphone’s popularity has increased. The best smartphones are the ones that don’t just have fast processors and other components. They’re the ones that combine those impressive specs with a fast data connection.

Cell carriers have always marketed based on their 3G coverage and speeds, and now they’re rolling out 4G networks across the nation. Verizon’s 4G LTE network is typically regarded as the fastest, and both AT&T and Sprint are rolling out LTE as well. For now, though, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all feature 4G networks based on HSPA+ or WiMax. Whatever the underlying technology is, the connections are fast, so fast that they’re beginning to surpass speeds of the former broadband leaders, cable and DSL. These five phones are all devices that use 4G to tear through downloads, web browsing or whatever else you throw at them.

Motorola Droid RAZR (Verizon): The Droid RAZR is launching on Verizon in November of 2011. It combines a large screen with a Kevlar casing and dual-core processor. Add in the fact that it runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, and this is one of the fastest phones available.

Google Galaxy Nexus (Verizon): The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and comes packed with a dual-core processor and button-free design. Like the RAZR, it runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and is set to be a speed demon.

Samsung Galaxy S II LTE (AT&T): Recently announced by AT&T, the Galaxy S II LTE edition is a simple revamp of the already popular Galaxy S II. It takes the great hardware that made the Galaxy S II a must-have, and throws in 4G speeds.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Sprint): This is Sprint’s edition of the Galaxy S II. It sports a larger 4.6-inch screen and runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. It’s easily one of the fastest two phones on Sprint, in terms of both data speed and hardware.

HTC EVO 3D: As the name implies, the EVO 3D is a 3D entry into HTC’s popular EVO series. The device is a phone that appeals to both 3D lovers and people who want to have a blazing fast data connection.

The high speeds of these phones aren’t just for bragging rights, either. Having a phone with high speeds means you can do more. Video chatting is smoother and has less lag when it’s done over a 4G device. Video streaming is more vivid and has less buffering and stutters. All of these phones are even capable of 4G tethering, where you share your phone’s high-speed connection with your computer. It all comes down to being entertained more and waiting less.

The 4G speeds aren’t limited to phones, either. You can get 4G speeds from wireless internet providers such as Clear Internet, and enjoy 4G speeds on your laptop. These are cream of the crop as far as fast smartphones go. They’ll do everything you want them to, and they’ll do it fast.


Remote support for Smartphones – A great Business solution

As an IT, I really enjoy having mobile remote support in my arsenal. IT services are all about making things go as smoothly for whoever is the recipient of your services and yourself. This is clearly true in the era of smartphones.

Think about it, your client has a problem with the thousand e-mails that he gets in one morning and you are not there to make it right; this waste of time is intolerable and can easily loose you their business. This kind of scenario is where solid remote support software is the best alternative for dealing with anything that may come up.

There are several ideas linked to the ability to remotely provide a mobile device with IT but I believe two of them stand out: simplicity and cross platform support.

Simplicity should mean the ability to be as familiar with the device as if it where next to me; within my reach. It is easy to fumble with a device in my hands but it gets complex if it is not with even in the same room as I am. As we are alluded to being able to see the computer that receives the support this approach is the one that makes more sense. In this regard, the ability to see the actual screen of the mobile device, navigate it and do what is needed would qualify as true mobile remote support.

Next would be cross platform support. Any remote support software that purports to get the job done must provide this facility. In a world of iPhones, blackberries, and your next available android device (just to mention a few) there is simply no way to handle different software for each one. The software must be comprehensive, intuitive and allow you to access all of these devices as if you were grabbing each one with your own hands.

There is a definite advantage in using this range of services and allowing mobileremote support within your IT toolbox. It will save you time, costs and effort. And believe me, these services will probably put a smile on your face when you get the next call from your client telling you they deleted something from their iPhone and that now the email is all wrong. A mobile remote support will allow knowing what happened, how to fix it and get the job done without needing the device to come in. Or even worse, trying to explain to the client how to manually set up their device while they are speaking from it.