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Unlocked Galaxy Nexus Smart Phone On Google Play Web Store

Google’s flagship smart phone, the Google Nexus is now available on Google’s Play web store unlocked for $399. The offer sure does bring a lot of memories and takes us back to the year 2010, when Google started its direct customer sales of Nexus One smart phone.

T-Mobile G2 and Google Nexus one has checked the taste of Gingerbread

After the launch Gingerbread, we heard many things about it .Today we came across a tweet. Have a look at this one first!

Google Nexus S ,First phone with Android 2.3 Announced officially

Google Nexus S has finally announced by Google today and this device is equipped with Android 2.3 at its core. This phone is made by Samsung and its combines with wonderful features and functions. This phone will host the next generation technology with 4-inch Super AMOLED display and it is said that this display is four times better for viewing in bright light.  The user will get the front facing camera for video calling though third party software support is the requisite.

Samsung Plans to unveil Google Nexus S or Google Nexus two on November 8?

Google Nexus Two or Google Nexus S will be the next? We have get  the news about the Google next generation handset the name of which is unclear may be it named as Google Nexus Two or Nexus S.  We came to know that Samsung and Google are working together on it.

HTC Desire and Nexus One handsets will now come with stylish S-LCD Screens

The HTC is facing some problems in arranging sufficient AMOLED screens for its handset. Now company finds a solution for this problem; instead of AMOLED its start sourcing S-LCD screen. S-LCD display is the product of S-LCD Corporation that is a joint venture of Samsung and Sony. Google Nexus One and HTC desire will be the first HTC devices that equips with stylish and brand new S-LCD screens.

Android 2.2 Froyo Edition will be officially released on Nexus One first

According to the Google I/O conference last month, the surprising Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ is going to be released on Google Nexus one, whether or not the application of this software will be available on other phones will be decided later. But there is news that all other Android phones won’t be kept deprived of it.

HTC Magic memory infected by malware, Google intros Buzz and Orkut widgets

Orkut and the recently unveiled Google Buzz are both social networking tools and incidentally both are owned by Google. After the recent release of Google Maps 4.1 for Android, Google introduced Google Buzz and Orkut widgets for Android based smart phones. HTC Magic mobile phones sold by Vodafone in Spain appear to contain the Mariposa botnet virus in their memory cards and while steps have been taken to cure infected computers and Vodafone has issued replacement memory cards, Vodafone users are urged to be cautious worldwide.

Android 1.6 phones get Google Gesture Search

Android is rapidly gaining popularity both as mobile operating system for cellphone manufacturers and as the platform of choice by mobile phone users and was one of the biggest gainers in market share year over year according to a Gartner report.Recently we covered an announcement by Google Labs of their newly released Gesture Search App however then it was only for devices running Android 2.1 or higher of which few exist but now Google has extended support for this application to Android 1.6 handsets as well which encompasses most Android based handsets in use these days.

Google Nexus One pops up on Vodafone UK Website, cheaper version for India?

Google Nexus One through Vodafone was set to launch in April in the UK but it has now appeared on the Vodafone UK website which has led many to speculate that the Google Nexus One smart phone might yet be available in the UK before the end of this month. On the other hand the Google Nexus One is not yet available for purchase (speaking of which pricing is still unavailable) but you can sign up for updates. Another rumor which seems to have popped up is that there might be a cheaper version of Google Nexus One for release in India.

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 now available for Android, Symbian^3 demo video

Opera Mini is one of the most common mobile browsers available if not the most popular and besides providing compatibility for almost all kinds of phones from different manufacturers, also helps out with your budget by cutting data costs and improving speeds and this latest release sees it available for the Android on the Android market place. Symbian^3 which was officially announced for release at the MWC 2010 is starting to get closer to an actual commercial release and a demo is shown in a video after the break.