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INQ Cloud Touch and INQ Cloud Q Announced

INQ Cloud Touch has just announced by INQ.  This latest Android power handset comes with the stylish Facebook overlay and an automatic connection to Spotify. This mobile phone is exclusively design for those people who like to be in touch with their loved ones through Facebook. This phone will make comfy for you to enjoy Facebook Single Sign On through which you can easily search for favorite shops, restaurants and clubs with Facebook Places and you will get all this on the homescreen.

INQ Mini 3G and Chat 3G set for release in India via Aircel

INQ is a company which manufactures mainly mid-range smart phones and is headquartered in London, UK. So far it has three phones in its lineup, the INQ1 cellphone, the INQ Mini 3G and INQ Chat 3G smart phones. INQ‘s main selling point is that it offers 3G capable phones (with fewer features as compared to competitors like the iPhone, T-Mobile G1, Nokia 5800, etc) at a slightly more accessible price. Thus INQ phones are essentially entry level phones for the 3G smart phone market and are now set to launch in India.