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LG Optimus L9 Review | Specs and Features

The Optimus line up is surely heating up the rivalry to be seen on Korean cell phone manufacturer’s court. The second in line after Samsung, LG has come up with another edition; LG Optimus L9 on T-Mobile. Here is a complete list of specs and features of new Optimus L9.

LG Optimus L3 Brings Dual SIM Functionality

Summer is on its peak level so LG Electronic decided to bring something very cool for the gadget lovers so the company launched LG Optimus L3. It is a cell phone which doesn’t impose any kind of burden on your pocket as an affordable price tag is attached to the device. Let’s explore this device in a quick manner.

Design:The best feature of latest L-line of LG is the stylish look and same feature is available in the Optimus L3 mobile phone. This entry level design comes in modish rectangular shape and has a nice metallic design around the rear camera.

LG Optimus L3

Dual-SIM: You can insert dual SIM into the handset and thereby you are free to handle your personal and professional contacts through a single device.

Display: LG Optimus L3 is featured with a good 3.2 MP screen but what I don’t like in this display is the resolution. TFT display with 240×320 pixels was considered good in past days but at present a few people like it.

Interface: Don’t take resolution problem too serious to leave the mobile phone as mobile phone is featured with an interactive and well-structure interface which runs on the top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. You have a few shortcuts on the screen along with many customization options.

Processor: Optimus L3 Cell phone is powered by 800MHz single-core ARM Cortex-A5 and good thing is that you will enjoy fast speed of communication and browsing through this processor. Though the phone has ugly resolution yet the processing power of it is good enough to catch your attention.

Connectivity: Today, every mobile user wants to remain connected and of course, this latest cell phone of L-series will make it feasible for you to fulfill your desire. The browser runs smoothly and you can fly through the pages but I would like to inform you about one thing that the resolution of this cell phone isn’t good. So, you will not be able to comfortably read the stuff on the screen. Top of that, operating system supports Flash so you can add some fun into your life by watching flash movies and songs.

After the browser, I checked the built in GPS of the Optimus L3 and I surprised to know that it found my location in a quick and correct manner.

Camera and Multimedia: Cell phone comes with 3.2 MP camera which comes with average quality of videos and images. MP3 player of Gingerbread is quite good and you really enjoy when you play your favorite music files on it.


LG Optimus L3 is indeed a nice and stylish smartphone that hasn’t any serious issue. You can either buy the phone at an affordable rate or get it on a contract. There is a possibility that you are unable to buy a smartphone due to bad credit but now you don’t have to worry since you can access LG optimus L3 or any other handset as a guaranteed contract phone

Explore Best Features of LG Prada 3.0

LG Parada 3.0 is a masterpiece which is designed with the collaboration of LG with Prada’s business, a company lets you to take an entry into fashionable luxury house comprises of leather accessories, shues, hats and luggage. Before Prada 3.0, this joint venture introduced LG Parada 1.0 and LG Prada 2.0 in 2007 and 2008 respectively; both are nothing but the luxury smartphones. However, LG Parada 3.0 can’t be heralded as Luxury phone but you can mark it as an affordable high-end Android smartphone. That’s mean you don’t need to be make a hole in your pocket for buying this Fashion tagged cell phone. You are able to get a SIM free LG Prada 3.0 only for £430 SIM-free but you can save your money by getting Prada third sequel from O2 on contractual basis.

LG Prada 3.0

Key Features of LG Prada 3.0 include a dual-core processor, high-quality screen 3 inch IPS screen with resolution of 480×800 pixel, Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and 8G internal memory. The design of this latest LG Android phone is  not as classy as was the last two Prada LG phones . According to official press release, this device is going to encase in a Saffiano leather material casing. But unfortunately, casing is made of cheap plastic which is said to be come with Saffiano pattern. So, you don’t need to be expect too much from the casing having Prada fashion logo on it.

Although the design of LG Prada 3.0 isn’t impressive for me yet two features make this handset special for me ; one is smooth interface and second is excellent performance. As I mentioned above, this cell phone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and in order to make your user’s experience delightful, manufacturer has tweaked the interface so that it exactly match to minimalist design of the exterior. It comes with a few scenes which you can set up for different homescreens. Every element of UI is improved with an intention to offer you a classy and branded look of phone.

Performance of LG Prada is indeed remarkable. Incoming voices are loud as device comes with a noise-cancellation microphone. It comes with a battery which has high battery life.

Do you like to share your LG Prada 3.0 user experience with us? Feel free to comment in the given box below.

LG Viper 4G By Sprint | Specs and Features

3 months ago at CES, LG unveiled one of their upcoming cell phones the LG Viper 4G. Now, Sprint Wireless has made it official that the new LG Viper 4G LT will be available for purchase, also, they have announced the pricing and data plans. 

Intel Powered Phone By LG At CES 2012

Like they, if you fail for the first time, try again and again. And probably that is what LG is trying to do. Unfortunately, when LG wanted an Intel powered phone last year, they came up with an Android phone at CES 2011.

LG Marquee – Taking the World of Smart Phones By Storm

Those who prefer the Android OS will find that the LG Marquee offers them all of the functionality they are looking for in a smartphone, but in the body of a racecar. The ultra-light and svelte design of the Marquee is only matched by the bright Nova display. Android Gingerbread 2.3 is the operating system of the smart phone, and the latest Google OS lives up to the high reputation of Google products.

The 5 MP rear facing camera takes decent quality pictures, and the 2 MP front facing camera is added as a special bonus. Featuring built in GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi, this simple LG smartphone is a great mid-range handset. One area where the Marquee stands out in the area of call quality, and the sound transmitted through the speakers is clear and crisp.

The good looks and the unique design of the Marquee is making it an instant seller, and anyone looking for a quality Android phone in the middling price range should consider this device. This Sprint phone mimics the LG Optimus Black, but the Marquee outshines its counterpart by offering the bright screen and memorable charm.

The latest Android OS comes with more features, greater control, and fewer bugs. The Swype virtal keyboard makes typing a pleasure, and the Android OS is compatible with all of the Google products that makes these phones such a popular choice. A micro USB port is even featured on the top of the device alongside the headphone jack, and the 16 million colors supported by the WVGA screen ensures that anything pictured on the screen are bright and dazzling.

LG Optimus 3D


Everything is moving into a 3D world these days. The “world’s first 3D phone” LG Optimus is a really cool Smartphone which has a 4.3 inch touch screen, preinstalled Google Android 2.2 Froyo operating system and battery life of LG’s Tri Dual.

                                              At first one imagines holding a smart phone in a complete 3D world but that is not the case….3D applications can only be used by accessing the 3D space menu which allows you to play 3D games, use camera, open a gallery and there is also a dedicated app for accessing YouTube’s 3D channel.

Key features

Its key features include

Quad-band GSM and 3G support

16M color capacitive LCD stereoscopic touch screen

Dual-core processor

512 MB RAM

8 GB internal storage

Dual 5MP camera with LED flash, auto-focusing and face-detection

MicroUSB port

Stereo Bluetooth

Adobe Flash 10.3 supported

Office document editor

Some Disadvantages

One main disadvantage is that FM radio has been omitted from the phone. Also the screen’s outdoor performance is not very impressive. Although it has a 5MP camera but its performance is not that good. Also there is no dedicated camera key and you have to access the camera from the menu.


Although we can see that LG Optimus is not perfect in every aspect but it is first of its kind. It allows you to enjoy the world of 3D without any 3D glasses by using that hot button on the side of the phone where usually we find a camera button.(However, LG has advises its users not to use the 3D screen continuously for a long time).The 3D effect is clear and enjoyable but slightly dimmer than a 2D version. If you do not want the 3D effect than it also allows you to turn down the effect with an on-screen slider. So if you are a big fan of 3D world then 3D Optimus is really the right choice for you!

LG to Release Prada-Branded Android Smartphone

LG have the honour of having released the world’s first mobile phone with a capacitive touchscreen, paving the way for the iPhone and the host of other touchscreen smartphones we have seen since.

That device was the LG Prada; a handset that went on to sell over 1 million units in 18 months and win countless awards for innovation and design.  Last month, LG announced that they are planning to release a successor to the original Prada phone, bringing a touch of haute-couture to the world of Android smartphones.

Known as the LG Prada K1, the device sports a minimal design with a sleek, black shell and Prada branding at the top; not dissimilar to previous LG Prada offerings.  However, that’s where the similarity between this phone and previous Prada handsets end.  Where their features struggled to live up to their luxurious appearance, the features of the Prada K1 are more than a match for its stylish, designer exterior.

Out of the box, the LG Prada K1 will run on the latest version of Android; codenamed Gingerbread.  It will have an extremely impressive 8-megapixel camera, as well as a 1.3-megapixel front facing camera for video calling.  With its 16GB of internal storage, users of the device will be able to download hundreds of apps from Android Marketplace, and viewing website and watching videos will be a pleasure on its almost tablet-esque 4.3-inch Nova LCD touchscreen display.

It is thought that the Prada K1 will be released in the 4th quarter of 2011 alongside LG’s first Windows Phone 7 Mango handset, the LG Fantasy. Having extremely similar technical specifications to the Prada K1, releasing the LG Fantasy at the same time will be a real test of the popularity of Android and Windows Phone 7. However, if the K1 is anything like LG’s previous Prada offerings, its success is assured.
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LG Revolution 2 Specs Leaked

LG Revolution 2 is an upcoming successor of original Revolution and according to some rumors this latest device will be thinner than that of HTC Vigor and the Apple iPhone 4 LG is working on this smartphone which is running on Google Android 2.3.4 OS. It lets you to enjoy the fast speed processing, web browsing and web surfing as it is combines with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. You can store as many videos, movies, pictures as you want because Revolution will offer you 16GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM.

LG Flip II Image and Details Have Just Hit The Web

LG Flip II images have revealed and according to this handset will be launched by T-Mobile. You may remember that the similar handset was also leaked by This is my next last May and after that Pocket-lint provided the information of it on in June.

According to, they have the evidence that this stylish and unique dual-screened device that will be launched by T-Mobile US. The specs and its retail branding are still a mystery for us.

It is reported that This is my next that LG Flip II is not a successor of any handset and the codename of this device is only Flip as on September 14th. The primary display of this device will be used for the same purposes and functions which are normally you do in other handset like Motorola Flip, Samsung Galaxy S etc. However, I’m not sure what will be use of its secondary display. I can predict that there is special function related to this display as the company will have some new plan for it. Just wait and watch!

What you think about this dual Screen LG Flip II? What kind of Features it will support?