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Sanpdragon S4 for Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft

It has been some time now since Qualcomm qualifies to remain the exclusive chipset manufacturer for the Windows cell phone platform. As for now, Qualcomm has officially confirmed that they will be providing the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smart phones with their very own Snapdragon S4 (Plus) chipsets.

Top 5 Latest Windows 8 Tablets

If you are planning to purchase a tablet, I suggest you to wait for one or two months only as a number of Windows 8 tablets are going to launch. As you know Windows 8 has finally released for the users and this latest version of Microsoft Operating system has a lot of features and improvements. It’s not a time to shed light on features but my intention is to give you complete details of latest Windows 8 tablets that will be launching very soon. I created this list based on my own preference and it’s nothing to do with any tech analysis.

Triple Flip Windows Phone 7 Concept Device unveiled

Triple Flip phone is a new concept phone that surely gains the attention of all juts because of its unique design. This handset is designed by SchultzeWORKS design studio. Though it is running on the same Windows Phone 7 operating system on which HTC 7 Pro, HTC 7 Mozart, LG E900 etc are running yet the design of it is very different as compared to these WP7 Smartphones.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset’s Prototype Leaked

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Handset’s Prototype leaked with amazing design. You know that Nokia made an announcement of its collaboration with the Microsoft last day and today we get a prototype. The Nokia Window Phone 7 Concept phone looks stunning and promising.

Verizon and Sprint Windows Phone 7 will be launched by 30 June

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Smartphones will be  start selling  at the Sprint and Verizon by 30 June,2011 and this is confirmed by director of mobile communications business Aaron Woodman.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept Phone

You may hear that the Nokia Said “yes” to Microsoft and “No” to Android. Now we are going to demonstrate how a Windows Phone 7 Running Nokia will be look like. We know that you are quite interested in this concept so first have a look at Windows Phone 7 Nokia Concept Phone.

Microsoft plan to launch Second Round of WP7 devices on February at MWC 2011

Microsoft is planning to unveiled its second round of Windows Phone 7 handset on February 2011 at MWC (Mobile World Congress) trade show 2011  in Barcelona, Spain.

HTC Windows Phone 7 is going to Launch in India by the end of this year

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the launched of its Windows Phone 7gadget  in India . But now  we have a great news for Indian , they will be able to buy two latest HTC Windows Phone 7 Devices and this is reported by Cellpassion.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will Launch in China in H2 of 2011

Microsoft has a plan to introduce the Windows Phone & opertinag system in China and it is expected that this will be happen in the seond half of 2011.  the source of the new is HTC Asia in which the Jack Tong’s Statemnet is highted with the words that Windows Phone 7 will not support anu Asian Language till half of 2011.

Microsoft will host a Press conference on October 11

Microsoft will arrange a press conference on October 11 and this information is provided by Engadget. According to this blog, “Microsoft has just gotten in touch to ask us very kindly to “save the date” October 11 for a 2PM London press conference (9AM ET for Americans) that will last all the way until 5.30PM.”