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Top 5 Nokia Phones that You Must Try

Although real tech lover gives a preference to Apple and Samsung over Nokia but the demand of this brand of smartphone is high in some countries of Asia and Europe. No matter you are residing in which part of the World, you must give a try to five best Nokia Phones. Now start exploring the best phones of Nokia Tech House.

#5 Nokia C5-06

A phone that looks stylish from every angle is named as Nokia C5-06. My sister owned this smart phone and she is quite satisfied from its viewing angel, performance, and browsing speed. She loves to watch videos and according to her own experience, one will never feel any blurriness. As far as sound quality is concerned, you don’t feel any kind of impediment. Its image quality is as great as video quality. Although it has 2 MP snapper yet you will get an eye-catching image. Its price is quite affordable all over the world.

nokia c5-06

#4 Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

This handset lets you to browse pages through touch screen and enjoy high speed of message through typing keyboard. Although this handset was launched in 2010 but still it’s popular due to its unique styles and features. It comes with 1Ghz processor and you will be able to do browsing and multi-tasking at a nice speed. Its snapper is 5MP and allows you to have a nice quality images and videos. It lets you to share latest pictures on Facebook, Twitter and other social platform in an instant manner.

nokia x3-02

#3 Nokia Asha 311

This latest Nokia device is quite impressive in terms of its features and design. It launched by Nokia in summer season and I’m sure that one who has bought this phone will surely get amazed from its nice quality. Its camera lets you to grab eye-catching picture. Video of this snapper will also quite stunning. Once you charge this cell phone, you would be able to run it for long hours. Best of all, this cell phone comes in dark grey, rose red, blue, brown, and sand white that’s mean you will have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

asha 311


#2 Nokia 808 PureView

I know that many of you may not regard it as the best smartphone but I like it because it comes with 41MP camera. What makes this handset special is its hi-fi camera. When you have this gadget you would be able to get a clear view of everything around you. In simple words, the picture you capture from it will never be different from real life. A clear cut life view experience is attainable. Another best feature related to this handset is its fast processor; you are in a position to do online video streaming at a fast speed.

Nokia 808 Pure View

#1 Nokia Lumia 920

I marked it on first position as it deserves the crown. This latest smart phone is running on Windows Phone 8 operating system. It launched by Nokia on October,2012. This smartphone is packed with dual core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960. What I like most in this Nokia phone is its 8.7 MP back camera that comes with Dual LED flash and in simple words, you would be in a position to get the vivid picture every time. This cell phone brings built-in Facebook,Picasa, Twitter and Youtube. Social networking and communication is possible through this gadget. If you have spare cash in pocket, it’s time to give a try to this handset. I bet you will feel great from its high-performance and functionality.

Lumia 920






Software update for Lumia 710 and 800 users

Some days back, there was a huge disappointment for Nokia Lumia users when it was announced that they will not be enjoying the Windows Phone 8 update but instead, will have to deal with Windows Phone 7.8 update.

Nokia 808 Gets Firmware Update

It wasn’t quite long when Nokia decided to launch the 808 Pure View. To be precise, its just been a week and now we even have its firmware upgrade.

Nokia 808 Pure View – 41 Mega Pixel Cell Phone

Nokia finally has decided to launch the 808 Pure View cell phone which has a 41 mega pixel camera. The new Nokia 808 Pure View is set to be initially launched in India.

Nokia Asha Touch Phones Review | Asha 311, Asha 305, Asha 306

Who could ever wonder to have touch phones in an extremely low budget? Nokia has made it all possible with their Nokia Asha Touch phone line up. Recently Nokia introduced three new phones as an extension to Nokia Asha phone line up.

Nokia Lumia 900 In UK

They are ready! And so should you be, Nokia has marked a date to release the new Lumia 900 to its UK target market. From our sources, we get to know the launch of Lumia 900 by Nokia in UK on May 14, this year. 

Nokia Lumia 800 As Boarding Pass With British Airways

The title of the article might sound a bit weird to you, but yes its true, British Airways recently illustrated how they could use the new Nokia Lumia 800 as a boarding pass rather the conventional paper based boarding pass.

Nokia Lumia 710 Coming to UK and US

Nokia announced its Windows Phone-based Lumia 710 a couple of months ago, and now, after being launched in Taiwan, the device is ready to be shipped to Europe, the U.S., India, Hong Kong, Russia and Singapore – at least that’s what Nokia has announced recently.

The SIM-free version of the Nokia Lumia 710 is expected to come to the UK in the beginning of January and to be soldfor €270 ($360), which is not as cheap as we hoped it to be, but still not as expensive as the elder sibling of the 710 – the Nokia Lumia 800 (sold for about $625). Anyway, if you still think €270 is too much for a mid-range WP-based smartphone, you can always find some good Nokia Lumia 710 deals with mobile operators in your neighborhood– they’ll most likely give you the phone for free with rather affordable monthly plans. Three UK has already confirmed they’ll start selling the phone in January and placed it on the coming soon page of their website; I guess other UK mobile operators will also announce the phone soon, and then the phone will head to other European countries.

As for the U.S., the Nokia Lumia 710 is going to be released there via T-Mobile, priced at $49 with a two-year contract, which will probably make the phone competitive to the huge number of Android phones that are so popular in the U.S. now. The exact release date of the phone in the states isn’t known yet, but, according to GSMArena, it’s expected to take place in the beginning of 2012, presumably on January 11.

The details of the release of the Nokia Lumia 710 in other countries aren’t known yet, but I guess Nokia will not make us wait for too long.

Though the Lumia 710 is classified as a mid-range phone, which is not as powerful as the Lumia 800, it still has a rather good 3.7-inch screen with 480 x 800 pixels resolution, protected by Gorilla Glass. Its 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor with 512 MB RAM can’t be called a weak one, so the phone is expected to have a rather fast performance. The 5MP camera with auto-focus and LED-flask taking 2592х1944 pictures and 720p videos at 30fps is also a nice addition, along with all the connectivity features each modern smartphone has. Perhaps the only shortcoming of this phone is the absence of a microSD card slot, but the internal 8GB storage it has is perhaps enough for most users.

How Good is the Nokia N9?

Nokia phones were once chunky, weighty devices that were unwieldy at the best of times. The Nokia N9 phone, however, is a sleek, lightweight smartphone that, by its appearance, promises to be one of the best mobile phones released in 2011. But what does the Nokia N9 offer, and does the hardware and functionality match the elegant look of the smartphone?

Nkia N9

The Nokia N9 offers a smart phone with much simpler aesthetics, a buttonless exterior, and a simple boxy design made with sleek polycarbonate. The N9 rests nicely on the palm, though it feels slightly like a costly toy that could be easily broken. The downside to the sleek, simplistic design is the lack of the micro SD card port, as well as the inability to replace the phone’s battery without actually breaking the phone open. For those who need removable storage, however, there is always the option of upgrading the internal SD card to a 64 GB one.

The AMOLED screen measures 3.9 inches in width with a 854 x 480 resolution, 1 GB of RAM, and an A8-based CPU. The unlock feature tends to be annoying, as it is difficult to swipe, thanks to the lack of intuition, and it takes a few tries to actually unlock the phone. Running too many applications on the phone is likely to make it crash, and the MeeGo OS is one that is likely to end its lifecycle in the near future.

In the end, it comes down to the fact that Nokia sacrificed too much functionality for the aesthetics with the N9. Nokia is also short on apps, meaning the functionality of the N9 is fairly limited. The two features that save the phone are the camera and the sleek design of the N9, but overall it is a costly phone that fails to live up to the high standards of smart phones of today.

Nokia Astound – Astounding the World With Premium Phones

The affordable price tag hanging off the sleek Nokia Astound is guaranteed to make this phone an instant seller, and the 8 MP camera only adds to the pleasure of the device. The quality of photo and video both are excellent for a mid-range smart phone, and the high quality calls ensure that making calls with this Nokia device will be easy and clear.

Nokia Astound

The only downside that people have found with this device is the fact that the Symbian 3 Nokia OS tends to run a bit slower than Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, but experts agree that the Nokia Astound is simply a pleasure to use. For an affordable smart phone made by one of the world’s top telecommunications experts, the Astound is incredibly affordable and made with a snazzy design that make it as pleasant to use as it is to purchase.

The WiFi calling feature is unique to the Nokia Astound, and the fact that it will only cost $80 makes it a top pick for those looking for a low priced smart phone. High quality materials are utilized in the manufacture of this device, and the quality of the phone can be felt by anyone who picks up the sturdy yet sleek device. This smartphone is less than half an inch thick, and weighs just over 4.5 ounces. The frosty metallic colors and the chrome colored accents only make this simple Nokia smart phone that much more attractive. The 3.5 inch screen and high resolution ensure that using the Astound is up to any media or video-viewing task.