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Palm Fire WebOS 3.0 powered Concept Phone by Long-Nong Huang

Palm Fire is a new Concept phone that is designed by Long-Nong Huang. You may know that HP yesterday unveiled three new devices without Palm branding; these are HP Pre 3, Veer and TouchPad. Now we are going to introduce a new concept that comes with Palm branding. This gadget is running and supporting the WebOS 3.0. When you look at the image you think that the display is somewhat bigger than 3.5 inches, it is due to illusion only.

Palm Pre 2 is available for Pre-orders on Verizon

Palm Pre 2 is a wonderful and stylish Web OS based smartphone . Every fan of it is waiting for its arrival in the market and today we have good news for the people who are anxious for Palm Pre 2. Now you will be able to pre-order this gadget on Verizon ; the carrier will accept the pre-orders from tomorrow. You may like to know that HP also announced the HP Pre 3 at the event of San Fransisco.

Palm Pre 2 coming to Verizon LTE 4G network?

Palm Pre 2 hasn’t officially picked for Verizon 4G LTE network but we came to know that soon it will hit the Verizon. Actually, some readers at have done some kind of url hacking and then they came up with a page at which Palm Pre Plus has shown with reference “Palm LTE Device”. The interesting thing is that this gadget is not available at Verizon as yet.

Broadway,Manta ,Topaz, HP/Palm new Mobile handsets for 2011

Broadway,Manta and Topaz are the new names of gadget that will be launched by Palm in next year. Hp/Palm has already announced that it will bring the new handsets for its user in the coming year and now we heard that company is working on ads of some un-announced devices.

Palm Peak, Sprint 4G a concept phone by the designer Steve Lipson

Palm Peak is a new concept phone that is not real. It is said to be to be the thinnest sliding phone with the thickness of 10mm. It is designed by Steve Lipson. In order to give it a luxurious look the designer designed it  with metal body and  beautiful finish.

Palm C40 Mockup features with WiMax, Snapdragon CPU and 4.3inch Touch Display

Palm C40 Mockup is a part of Palm Pre design competition. We liked and admired that design of this handset as it not only has a beautiful deign but it also comes with exciting new features. This design is created by David Vogt.

Palm Mansion powered with WebOS 2.0 will hit the Shelves February 2011

Palm Mansion is a latest mobile phone of Palm that is featured with a five-inch display . It is said that Mansion is the code name of this device and at launch we may come across a new name.   This Palm device has no physical keyboard.

Palm Pre 2 Specifications and Review

Palm Pre  2 has recently announced by Palm that is expected to launch in this month.  The features and specifications of this gadget are really impressing and interesting. We have already informed you  about online picture  availability of Palm Pre 2 last week.  It is equipped with 3.1 inches, 320 x 480 pixels TFT capacitive touchscreen.  The dimensions of this mobile phone are 100.7 x 59.6 x 16.9 mm and its weight is just 145 grams.

Palm Pre 2 photos unveiled on the web

Palm Pre is the latest model of Palm ,the  photos of which are now hit the web. First this photo was uncovered on the French Wireless carrier’s website and today we get its stylish pictures on a French tech website.

Palm Pixi Plus smart phone review

Palm has had its ups and downs this year, the release of the Palm webOS UI along with the Palm Pre cellphone and Palm Pixi mobile phone were definitely high points with all three of Palm‘s products being rated highly. On the other hand, lower than expected sales along with diminishing market share over the years have combined to cause Palm‘s shares to dip and traders to advise selling their shares. This has caused much concern and worry amongst Palm fans and lovers. We review the Palm Pixi Plus smart phone in this post as it is one of the reasons why we believe Palm will make a strong recovery.