Countdown of Sony Ericsson uptight us, probably the unannounced device be an XPERIA X10 update

Sony Ericsson hasn’t yet announced its latest phone but we only get its countdown that of course teases us. Now this secret is become an open secret that the device will be an XPERIA, probably X10.

If you want to know more about this phone then juts do one thing; copy the photo of this mysterious phone then open it into the editing program that helps you to change setting and work out the brightness.  Put the resulting image, you get through this process, next to Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 photos and you will observe that this phone is resembled with XPERIA X10 in many respects. These similarities are difficult to ignore, we are not betting with you but really you will be agreed with us sooner or later.It is the new XPERIA gadget having same design and some how same specifications of XPERIA X10.
You will also see a tagline “Smarter is coming” Isn’t it a hint? That gives you an idea that it will be an Éclair update for Current XPERIA X10. Don’t forget the promise of Sony Ericsson in which it clearly revealed that it will launch an update to Android 2.1 Éclair that was schedule in Q4.
This update is not only in terms of OS but you also gets 720p video recording as well. Great!
This mysterious phone will feature with DLNA and offer Timescape and Mediascape updates .So  stay tuned to know more!

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