Dell Aero announced, slimmest Android phone yet

Few details have been released of the Dell Aero Android based smart phone which we fully expect to see at the CTIA Wireless event being held in Las Vegas this week. What we do know about the Dell Aero does intrigue us, as does the undeniable similarity to the Dell Mini 3. Additionally the claim that the Dell Aero is set to be the lightest Android based phone yet is also worth investigating and we will do so as soon as we get our hands on one, though that time might yet be a long way coming for the Dell Aero cellphone.

Despite or perhaps in-spite of running Android, one of the main attractions for the Dell Aero mobile phone will most likely be its custom UI. This custom Dell UI on the Dell Aero smart phone will feature integration with Twitpic, Picasa, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr right out of the box.

The Dell Aero cellphone will feature a 3.5″ touchscreen and other known technical specifications include a 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi and GPS. All other features and specifications for the Dell Aero are as yet shrouded in mystery but we expect it to be fairly similar to the Dell Mini 3 judging by its appearance though of course we might be very wrong.

But mostly what interests us is that the Dell Aero will be, as we mentioned before, its custom UI and also the innate integration with Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, etc. That and of course the fact that the Dell Aero smart phone is the first Android handset from Dell and is set to launch on AT&T.

It will be interesting to see how well Dell‘s first Android based cellphone, the Dell Aero mobile phone does in a market almost flooded with Android based handsets and more released everyday.

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  1. I like the phone, it is a respectable phone that is not a verizon droid. I like that it is much smaller than the Streak. I also want to see all the other phones they have coming out for Dell. The new leaks I want to be informed of.

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