Download Updated version of Angry Birds on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Angry bird is a famous paid application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Now this game is updated with new world, new bird, new levels etc to provide non stop enjoyment and fun to every player.

This game has been a very popular application for Apple iPod Touch. Almost all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad user have installed this fun game. The simple but pleasing graphics, great gameplay and ingenious overall concept of the game made this a hit among casual and hardcore gamers. Because of its huge success, updates and new developments for the game are released. This aims to give its fans more fun and exciting Angry Bird game time!

The reason behind Angry Birds popularity is that its each level requires logic, skill and annoying power to beat the enemy. The game is all about the angry birds that are using their destructive powers to take revenge from green pigs. Green pigs are the villains that stole the eggs of birds and then war starts. Birds demolished castle of pigs for their survival. The basic theme of this game is , Protect wildlife or play Angry Birds!

The update version of Angry Birds 1.4 comes with a new World, 15 reconstructed levels, a new bird, new Achievements and last but not the least a new story! Facebook and Twitter community buttons are also on hand with update of angry birds.

The user can purchase and download Angry birds from Apple App store only for 0.99 US Dollars.  The game is compatible with iPad , iPhone and iPod touch.

Download Angry Birds for Iphone

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