Droid 2 is Facing the Signal Loss Problem

Droid 2 is the latest smartphone of Motorola that has hit the store of Verizon Wireless but this phone hasn’t yet available for all public. According to some reports this newest gadget  of Motorola is facing the signal loss problem.

Greg Kumparak ,in his article on Mobile Crunch ,said that there comes various reports that are demonstrating that Motorola Droid 2 handset encounter antenna issue. However , it is not the right time to say that this problem will  be widespread or not.

In this article Greg also quoted the reference of some people who are saying that they had noticed the signal loss problem from some days. This issue is quite obvious as signal drops down from full signal to none when they kept it in the same spot.

Through there is no confirmation about this issue as yet. We just hope that if this problem is real then Motorola will fix it with a software updates. It is also said that Motorola Droid 2 Signal loss problem is not as bad as in the case of iPhone4 Antennagate dilemma. On Engadget it also mentioned that 4 out of 4 Droid 2 units they have also show “fluctuating bar counts.”

So Readers if any of you face the similar problem with Droid 2 then feel free to share with us .Write your comments so that we can know about the actual situation. Thanks!

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