Emblaze Mobile stop working on First ELSE prematurely

A number of people shocked when Emblaze announced that due to some financial problem they stop working on First ELSE project. The reason behind this project stoppage is delay in deliveries that caused undue delay and loss and became a major obstacle in the way of Emblaze ELSE Project.

The announcement of First  ELSE project made on last November  and from that time everyone was waiting to get a chance to use that upcoming device. The people expected  that a handset running Access Linux once they enjoy an encouraging hands-on experience at the MWC 2010.Unfortunately , Emblaze Mobile has Had to cease its wonderful project ELSE just because of financial difficulties . Emblaze Mobile decided to seize this mobile project permanently as funds are not invested as required.
According to Emblaze Mobile, this decision will minimize its operational and development cost to a great extent. The amount saves from this project seize will be utilized positively for company’s profit. On the other hand they are somewhat cheerless since first Else project is not actually terminated as desire. At this time we just hope that the company will get reasonable refund of its investment by selling some parts to established manufacturer.

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