Four new Bada phones by Samsung on the way

The only Bada OS based phone currently is the Samsung Wave S8500 which has yet to hit the market but at a Bada Developer Day conference held in St. Petersburg, Russia, Samsung has inadvertently revealed the existence of four new Bada OS based phones to come. Two of these will be QWERTY sliders and the other two are touch screen bars but all are set to be cheaper than the Samsung Wave S8500 and consequently likely to have fewer or lower features too.

In the Bada Developer Day conference, Samsung discussed how the Bada operating system worked and attempted to attract new developers as well as users for the Bada OS. Samsung also took time out to show off their new TouchWiz 3.0 user interface and its integrated Social Hub which will feature in the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and in the Samsung Wave S8500 as well.

As the picture shows, each of the four expected Bada based phones is cheaper than the Samsung Wave S8500 although it is hard to estimate the price for each. In addition to that, the pictures clearly enables one to see that two of the phones are QWERTY sliders and two are simple candy bar form factor phones although they may be vertical sliders. Furthermore, it is quite likely that all four of the new Bada based phones will have touchscreens.

The picture above shows Samsung‘s targeted market share forecasts in which they expect to overtake Nokia somewhere in 2010. We’re not sure if this time-line shows data for Russia alone or another region or global figures and whether the forecast is accurate representation.

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