Free EA Games *Gasp* on the Palm Pre

Yes ladies and gentleman, with this special limited time offer from O2 you can actually get free games from EA (Electronic Arts). EA which is one of the world’s largest game publishers is not the type of company that gives things away for free so you may well be shocked but on the other hand you have to purchase a Palm Pre smart phone from O2. At the moment this offer is limited to the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Spain so Palm Pre hopefuls in the US will have to look for another cellphone, perhaps the Palm Pre Plus.

All jokes aside, this limited time offer from Palm and O2 (click here to see the offer) is a pretty good incentive besides which the Palm Pre cellphone is a highly rated device on its own. The 3.1″ touchscreen and the motion sensor (accelerometer) on the Palm Pre mobile phone should allow for some serious fun playing games.

Speaking of games, the EA games available for free on the Palm Pre smart phone with this offer are The Sims 3, Need For Speed Underground and Monopoly. So casual gaming seems to be the order of the day, as it usually is with smart phones and other mobile devices of the Palm Pre cellphone‘s ilk.

This does not, of course, mean that these three are the only games available from the Palm App catalog (which is where you should go to get your free games) and with 3D gaming also available on the Palm Pre, killing time should be easier than ever.

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