Free MapQuest 4 Mobile for Apple iPhone, with Voice Guidance

Android has Google Maps, Nokia has Ovi Maps but Apple does not really have a high quality free navigation app for its iPhone. Or perhaps it does, the MapQuest 4 Mobile application for iPhone is still free and has now been upgraded to include Voice Guidance. Yes, for those of us who love anything free and more importantly for iPhone users who are looking for a decent GPS/navigation app can now test run MapQuest 4 Mobile on iTunes or download it by clicking here. A more detailed review of MapQuest 4 Mobile for Apple iPhone is available after the break.

The latest version of MapQuest 4 Mobile is 1.5.1 and the change log includes three new features including Voice Guidance, Off-Route Assistance and Twin Tap to Zoom out. Apple iPhone users who have quite likely been using carrier provided GPS applications or Google Maps or other third party navigation apps which may or may not be free and if they are not provided by a major company (like Garmin, NavTeq or TomTom) may well be unreliable.

The last thing you want to do is be lost in the middle of nowhere with a phone with low battery and with no GPS support. The AOL owned MapQuest on the other hand is a fairly well known brand of navigation solutions and now with this latest version if you get off-track, the application will ask if you want to re-route.

You can also choose from one of three energy utilization options (as seen in the picture above) which allow you to save your Apple iPhone‘s battery for more important functions.

In our opinion however, the Voice Guidance feature is clearly the best of the lot and makes up a lot of ground on other navigation apps available for the iPhone and may even provide tougher competition for Google Maps.

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