From PCs to Smartphones: The Acer Liquid A1

As some of you might know, there existed a while back a company called E-TEN. Some of its products were also branded glofish and its products were mostly hand-held devices of the smart phone variety. In about mid-2008, Acer launched a takeover bid for E-TEN and was successful, since then we have seen Acer regularly releasing well made but unexceptional cellphones in the market, most of them using Microsoft Windows Mobile, until the Acer Liquid A1.

The Acer Liquid A1 is the first mobile phone to be released by Acer based on the Google Android mobile operating system. The first thing you notice about the Liquid A1 is its 3.5″ display, which to top it off has a 480 x 800 resolution. Out of the box, the OS version used is 1.6 but Acer has made some changes to the interface such as with integrating social networking sites to the phone book.

The other technical specifications for the Acer Liquid A1 include a Qualcomm 768 MHz processor, A-GPS (with Google Maps), Wi-Fi, a 5 MP camera that gives very standard results, quad band GSM and tri-band UMTS bands which means you can use this cellphone globally and that it is 3G capable. Included in the package you receive a 2 GB microSD card, a headset and screen protectors.

Performance wise, the Acer Liquid A1 does very well as a phone, voice quality is clear on both sides of the line. The software does have a tendency towards glitches and getting stuck occasionally which can be handled through the very nifty Force Close feature available in the Android OS which does away with having to restart your phone so to speak.

To conclude, the Acer Liquid A1 is a very capable device which we feel is let down somewhat due to its software. While the Acer Liquid A1 is not quite up to the mark set by the Motorola Droid or Milestone it is still a very good device performance wise and gives us great hope for future Acer devices.

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