Gesture Search for Android smart phones now available

Not that anyone was anticipating it but Gesture Search, a new application from Google Labs is now available for Android 2.0 users. Gesture Search, for which we have provided a download link below for people with Android devices who wish to give it a go, allows you to search through your smart phones (most likely Google HTC Nexus One or Motorola Droid/Milestone at the moment) by drawing alphabets on your screen that relate to your search. More below on Google Gesture Search for Android.

As you can see in the picture above, your handwriting need not be perfect and even so the Gesture Search application will try to work out the closest match possible.

In this set of images from the official Google Mobile blog, you can see that the user was trying to search out first “A” and then “N” using Google Gesture Search. Although to be perfectly honest the A looks more like an “H and the n is rather looks like an “h”.

But as you can see in the next picture, it all works out and Gesture Search manages to go through your contacts, applications, bookmarks, music, etc and find a result suitable for your query.

To download Google Gesture Search, go to the Android marketplace or if you have the Barcode Scanner application installed click here and follow the instructions at the Google Gesture Search download page.