Getting the Most from Cell Phone Batteries

Because most cell phones today are much more than simply a telephone, it’s important to choose the best cell phone batteries you can find to ensure you stay powered up and connected. If you’re like most people, in addition to it being a communication device, your cell phone may sometimes be used as a GPS, an Internet browser, a gaming system, email client, calendar, radio and more. And all of these functions eat up battery power quickly.

Even while keeping a charger handy in the car, your office, and home, batteries still may not last as long as they should if you don’t use the right type of battery to start with, and if you don’t treat it properly as well. Cell phone batteries aren’t cheap, so do what you can to choose the right one, and use it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Reading the manual may be a last ditch effort for many, but if you want to know which battery is best for your phone, read the book. Depending on the model of your specific phone, the battery needs can vary greatly – even within the same line of phones made by the same manufacturer. And often, using a generic battery will void the warranty on your phone, so reading the book will keep you safe in that regard as well.

Many cell phone batteries must be empty of power before being charged. Charging them when they’re nearly full can damage the battery, causing it to hold only half a charge the next time you charge it. Ask your cell phone company if this rule applies to your battery. If so, be sure your phone is almost completely without a charge before you charge it up, just to be safe.

If your phone is new, typically less than one year old, and your battery won’t hold a charge, you may be able to get a free replacement. Many cell phone providers or manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on batteries. It certainly won’t hurt to ask.

Research the market before you buy, then choose the highest quality battery you can afford. Inferior batteries seldom last as long as those made with better materials. Be sure of what you’re getting before you make the investment. That’s the best way to keep your phone running the longest on one battery and keep it working properly.

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