Goggles App for iPhone will be released by Google In Decembe

Google will release Goggles app for iPhone in December .It is a visual search and optical character OCR application. Google first time introduced this application for android platform as a part of its lab experiment in December 2009 and now this app will be launched in December 2010 for iPhone.

Goggles make it feasible for you to translate text through it and moreover by taking a photo of items such as books, pieces of artworks, landmarks, and more you can identify them.

At Hot Chips Conference David Petrou, Google Staff Engineer said “We’re working on an iPhone version, and hope to have it out by the end of the year,” pointing to Goggles app.

The Goggles app is a new part of HTML 5, allow you to capture the useful and nice pictures and images from the camera. It provides a wonderful control over the camera and its function.

Petrou also said that though Google Goggles is a great application yet it is only a experiment. So the smart person tries to refer that it won’t work 100% all the time. Therefore, we may expect a number of improvements in it.

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