Google Nexus S limited Edition Now available at Negri Electronics for $800

Google Nexus S Limited edition is on sale at Negri Electronics. This limited edition comes with stylish and nice looking back covers. The neat and beautifully design Android Logo pattern is embedded on the back of it; other things remain same.

Features and Specs of Google Nexus S Limited Edition

Google Nexus S is the first handset that is equipped with the fastest  operating system i.e. Android 2.3 Gingerbread. We came to know that T-Mobile G2 and Nexus One have also enjoyed the taste of same OS.  The features of multitasking and Wi-Fi hotspot make it the most desirable handset ever.

The refresh and friendly user interface lets the user to comfortably work on it. In order to facilitate the users , some improvements are made in its keyboard  so that user feel more comfortable than before. It provides support to near field communication (NFC)

Google Nexus S Limited Edition Price :

In order to buy this edition you have spend some more dollars ( less amount  you can spend for original edition) such as $800 at Negri Electronics.

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