Google Nexus One pops up on Vodafone UK Website, cheaper version for India?

Google Nexus One through Vodafone was set to launch in April in the UK but it has now appeared on the Vodafone UK website which has led many to speculate that the Google Nexus One smart phone might yet be available in the UK before the end of this month. On the other hand the Google Nexus One is not yet available for purchase (speaking of which pricing is still unavailable) but you can sign up for updates. Another rumor which seems to have popped up is that there might be a cheaper version of Google Nexus One for release in India.

The Google Nexus One smart phone which we reviewed earlier is perhaps the phone that really kicked off the Android craze and had some really interesting and high-end features besides. Now, if rumors are to be believed, there is set to be a cheaper version of the Google Nexus One mobile phone for launch in India.

As it is highly unlikely that Google will just lower the prices of the current HTC Nexus One cellphone, speculation is rife that a “toned” down version might be sold instead.

In the UK, the Google Nexus One smart phone which was set for an April launch through Vodafone UK but it might just be available sooner than that. This we think, is mainly because the Vodafone UK website now has the Google Nexus One mobile phone but as of yet it is still “coming soon” and there is no pricing data.

You can however sign up for updates from Vodafone UK for the Google Nexus One cellphone by clicking here.

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