Gresso Luxor , a cheaper alternative of Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot phone

Gresso Luxor is a cheaper alternative of Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot phone that was first caught in August.  The price of that jackpot luxury phone was 1 million and today the company has unveiled an affordable alternative of that expensive jackpot.

The Luxor  mobile phone is manufactured with African blackwood, ceramics and sapphire all are expensive but less than that of material  used in Luxor Las Vegas handset. You will miss the black diamond and gold in this latest phone because this time case coating has changed. The case is designed with titanium alloy coated with ceramics and this is a new technique that is employed by jewelers in Egypt.  The Sapphire is also employed by in Mobiado Mokume Gane handset.

The display is covered by a 42-carat sapphire crystal while on the back 200-year old African blackwood is embedded. Each Key of Gresso Luxor handset is polished manually and has laser etched.  For the keypad the stylish sapphire is used and same style is on hand with Mobiado Professional Damascus.

Price of Gresso Luxor:

According to company , this time user will get an affordable mobile phone the price of which is around 4000 US dollars ; that’s mean you will get the Gresso luxor at 250 times less cost than that of Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot Luxury cell phone.

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