How Good is the Nokia N9?

Nokia phones were once chunky, weighty devices that were unwieldy at the best of times. The Nokia N9 phone, however, is a sleek, lightweight smartphone that, by its appearance, promises to be one of the best mobile phones released in 2011. But what does the Nokia N9 offer, and does the hardware and functionality match the elegant look of the smartphone?

Nkia N9

The Nokia N9 offers a smart phone with much simpler aesthetics, a buttonless exterior, and a simple boxy design made with sleek polycarbonate. The N9 rests nicely on the palm, though it feels slightly like a costly toy that could be easily broken. The downside to the sleek, simplistic design is the lack of the micro SD card port, as well as the inability to replace the phone’s battery without actually breaking the phone open. For those who need removable storage, however, there is always the option of upgrading the internal SD card to a 64 GB one.

The AMOLED screen measures 3.9 inches in width with a 854 x 480 resolution, 1 GB of RAM, and an A8-based CPU. The unlock feature tends to be annoying, as it is difficult to swipe, thanks to the lack of intuition, and it takes a few tries to actually unlock the phone. Running too many applications on the phone is likely to make it crash, and the MeeGo OS is one that is likely to end its lifecycle in the near future.

In the end, it comes down to the fact that Nokia sacrificed too much functionality for the aesthetics with the N9. Nokia is also short on apps, meaning the functionality of the N9 is fairly limited. The two features that save the phone are the camera and the sleek design of the N9, but overall it is a costly phone that fails to live up to the high standards of smart phones of today.

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