How To Increase Battery Life For HTC EVO 4G And HTC Incredible

Smart phones have always had the problem of  a low battery life. And the same problem is seen with HTC EVO 4G along with HTC Incredible, the two most popular smart phones in the market as of now. 

HTC EVO has an excuse of low battery life as it runs on 4G network, which obviously consumes more battery cells than phones with 2G or 3G network compatibility. Many users of HTC EVO 4G and HTC Incredible have rated the phones high on features and apps, but not a single user is satisfied with battery timing. 


For that, we have come up with a cure. Yes, now you can actually increase the battery life of HTC EVO 4G and HTC Incredible. Current battery life of HTC EVO 4G is 12 hours at standby. You can increase it to 14.30 hours by implementing the following steps: 

  • Turn of major HTC widgets, such as Findstream or bookmarks
  • Apply static background rather animated background
  • Select screen backlight at 10percent
  • Set screen time out to 15 seconds
  • Deselect widget animation
  • 4G, WiFi and GPS should be powered off unless they are needed

Follow the above mentioned steps and you will surely notice an increase in your HTC’s battery life. 

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  1. gadgetsage says:

    don’t forget to turn off google “talk” too, that makes a big difference.