HTC Android slider with dual-mode CDMA / GSM and 1.2GHz CPU headed to Verizon in 2011?

Today ,we are informing you about new HTC android slider that will feature with dual-mode CDMA / GSM and the hi-fi  performer  1.2GHz CPU. It is expected that this HTC phone will touch the Verizon in 2011. The phone has not yet announced by HTC. We got some info of its specification from Androidswag.  Beneath the stylish 4 inch display of Android Slider there integrates a 1.2GHz processor. The 4-ich display makes this phone quite portable for us.

In the prototype, Vodaphone SIM card is inserted to put on show the capabilities of CDMA / GSM worldphone. This phone has QWERTY keyboard as other Android phone of HTC have such as HTC Desire, HTC Vision, HTC paradise etc. The phone will work with Android Operating system.
All these are preliminary unofficial specifications of Verizon HTC android slider. But we will update you about each and every change in the specification of that phone till its final launch after which we will write a comprehensive review on it specification, availability, price etc. So we will cover the entire journey of HTC slider 2011. We also expect the launch of LG C105 at the start of 2011. Just wait and watch!

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